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    Here is the post from David in the NV2 forum:

    Author: DEholnikof (—
    Date: 12-01-03 03:56


    Perhaps this is not the best place, maybe not even the correct place to speak about nvPRNq – but methods of reaching NV users at large, are very VERY Limited. So, if I’ve erred, I apologize – and no doubt will be admonished !! :~/

    I think the nvPRNq is necessary as a “Production Piece” but also to show both QW Page, and NewViews have continued movement into the windows world.

    I also think nvPRNq could be an alterative method for NV2 printing. I would think that many have Excel – BUT I know that not everybody does (IE – users of Corel, and StarOffice)
    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    The new Demo version of the nvPRNq is ready. You can download a copy from

    The program includes all the necessary files for Windows and NewViews. If you have an older nvPRNft or nvPRNq, please un-install first. Please follow the basic steps in order:
    FROM Windows
    1: Download the zip file
    2: Expand all files to a temp directory
    3: run the “setup.exe” (Please use the defaults)
    4: Start the nvPRNq.exe program

    FROM NewViews
    1: From NewViews, import c:nvRUNONCE using GETPROCS
    2: If the print drivers (PRC) ASCIIQ or NOFORMQ exist, please delete
    3: Run the RUNONCE

    You are now ready to print.

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
    – The nvPRNq will attach to your Windows Default Printer. If the printer is not connected, the nvPRNq will not start. This is by design.

    – The features of printing (Quality, Landscape, Etc) combined with Font size with network printers can sometimes give unusual print results.

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    You say it was working before. Do you mean with NV? Have you confirmed that it will print from DOS? Is the printer printing from other programs?

    Many newer printers will not accept print info from dos programs. There are several, well two, programs which allow Dos programs to use the newer and even USB port printers. One is mentioned in the NV2 forum and is available from one of the NV consultants and works fine.

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    I forgot to mention that you can do the same thing with the Trial Balance. Set the print options, then run TRBAL and it will be saved in the filename you chose. Then you can import it into excel as explained.

    I would first print a copy to be sure it balances.

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    First you can run the current NewViews in Win XP without any changes.

    Secondly you can export “Reports”, and “Ledger Entries” to excel in different manners.

    To send a report to excel, change your Print Options (/ P O) and set the File Name to something like C:IS, or C:INCSTM, whatever makes sense.
    then print the document / P D.

    When you Open the File in excel, you will have to change File Origin to DOS or OS/2 (PC8). then the report should appear in excel. You will also have to modify the Total’s since the numbers will be correct, but not as a formula.

    To export Ledger entries, block them and use the EXPTRANS procedure. again sending them to a filename you can find. Open in excel as explained for the reports.

    You can reverse the process and import Transactions back to NewViews as well. However, the file must be saved as a CSV file.

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    Guess mine is spelling,.

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    Glad to finally see this Forum open. I hope you will E-Mail all resellers and consultants and inform them that it’s available. I will appreciate having the opportunity of asking questions and possible providing some help (or opinions).

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