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    Thanks, I’m beginning to understand.

    Could you please answer the following?

    1. Even after running ATYPE and TATYPE on my NV1 books, I end up with warnings of type mismatchs. Do I need to rerun the two procedures until all of the warnings are gone, or should I simply correct (if necessary) them in NV2? Is that always possible?

    2. The journal errors are just as you described, mismatches in the reference fields. My NV1 books are correct, and in balance, AND, the Income Statements and Balance Sheets match in NV1 & NV2. From this, it appears that the conversion process, despite the errors and warnings above, has been completed successfully. Do you agree?

    3. The conversion process has built a directory tree in NV2, which shows Accounts at the top, followed by Journals, Payroll & Reports. All of my NV1 data appears to have been assigned to the various Accounts, as per my ATYPE procedure. However, my Journals in NV1 have been assigned to a subfolder of the General Journal… Journal>>General>>DOS NewViews Import>>Journal Accounts>> Is this correct? Can these NV1 Journals be merged with the NV2 created Journals, such as Bank, General, Purchase, Sales? Or, am I stuck with this seperation of Journals between NV1 data and new NV2 data. Am I missing something here?

    in reply to: Conversion Process?? #13493

    Thanks, but I guess my priority is to understand when I have completed an accurate Export/Conversion, so I can begin entering new data?

    I’ve run the NVExport several times, with different amounts of AType and Tatype usage. It doesn’t seem to affect the number of warnings and errors that I am getting.

    I have around 100 warnings, all related to questionable normal balances, and over a 1000 errors, mostly having to do with supposedly out of balance journal entries, all of which appear to be balanced.

    As far as I know, my NV1 books are correct, and in balance.

    Also, is it possible to rearrange the folder tree on the left side of the screen????

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)