A Proven Financial Management Solution for the Non-Profit Housing Sector

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NewViews for Non-Profit Housing accommodates the highly specialized bookkeeping and reporting requirements of Non-Profit and Co-Operative Housing Providers.

Financial reporting and reports for service managers and board members can easily be customized to conform to the specific practices of individual organizations.

NewViews for Non-Profit Housing delivers a powerful accounting solution at a fraction of the cost of other solutions for the Non-Profit Housing sector.

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Ensure Compliance

Be confident that regulatory and board reporting is accurate and up-to-date.

Adapt to Change

Easily adapt to changing bookkeeping  practices and reporting requirements.

Make Better Decisions

Utilize timely information to make informed financial decisions.

Reduce Costs

Obtain comprehensive functionality at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

Reduce Reporting Time

Produce financial, board and other critical reports for any period on demand.

FEATURES New Work Order App

Fully Integrated

Fully integrated accounting solution with no additional modules to purchase or hidden costs.

Provincial and Municipal Reporting

Unlimited fully customizable reports that can be modified at any time to meet changing legislation or board requirements.

Multi-Property Support

Consolidated reporting for multiple properties.

Subsidy Tracking

Track dollar amounts and unit counts for subsidized and non-subsidized units.

Montly Rent Register

Quick and easy adjustment to the monthly rent register.

Automated HST/GST Rebate Calculations

HST/GST rebates on purchases are calculated automatically as invoices are entered.

Purchase and Payment Requisitions

Manage the approval process with purchase and payment requisitions.

Tenant History

Full history for each unit and each tenant/member.

Arrears Reporting

Generate arrears reports quickly and easily (both standard and coded for the board).

RGI Calculator

Store RGI details for each household and calculate subsidies automatically.

Maintenance History

Track detailed maintenance history with actual costs per unit.

Work Order Management

Create and manage outstanding and completed service requests and work orders.

“I applaud Q.W. Page for coming out with a version of NewViews which is specifically targeted to meet the needs of the non-profit and co-operative housing sector.”

Harry Vander VeldeFinancial Administrator, Co-Operative Housing Federation of Toronto