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DOS Bulletin - 2011-3

Dear NewViews User:

Welcome to the third edition of the DOS Bulletin. This edition is being sent to all NV1 users. Future bulletins will only be sent to users who have registered to receive them. If you did not register, but would like to continue receiving these bulletins, please register here.

Windows Vista & 7 32 bit • full screen

We had some feedback from our first DOS bulletin. NV1 will only run in "windows mode" .
This is true, Windows 7 (which is based on NT) does not allow DOS programs to run in full screen mode. This is normal behaviour for the NT platform since 2000.

You may however adjust the size of the DOS window and the number of lines displayed in NewViews.
Click on the top left corner icon of the window frame surrounding NewViews. Click on the Font tab. Now select the font size you want. 20 should be about right, but you can pick a larger size if you prefer. The working window will enlarge in response to the font size change. Click OK, and you will finally have a window large enough to actually use.

The resolution and the shape of the screen is unlike anything during the original DOS days.
The original DOS resolution was 640 by 480 a ratio of 4:3 (width to height)
Todays displays have a resolution up to 1,920 by 1,080 a ratio of 16:9 (width to height)
Therefor the current displays will initially present a DOS window on only 15% or 23% of the total screen size.

2011 - Payroll version 90 Canada update

Update for Ontario Health Insurance Premium tax calculation.
Update for Quebec CSST contributions.
paycode E=Q will add CSST transactions to employee.
paycode I=Q will skip "owner" from processing CSST contribution.

2011 - Payroll version 90 USA update for procedure PAY941

Procedure PAY941 has been updated to handle the new 2011 F.I.C.A. split rates; 4.2% for employees and 6.2% for employers.

Procedure Library for E-filing T4s Released for NV1 Canadian Payroll

Subsequent to releasing our first DOS Bulletin, we were contacted by a third party who had developed a procedure library to e-file T4 data in XML format. We released the T4-XML library for 2010 in February of 2011. Because CRA does not provide a testing facility it was a rough go and we release some service packs for the T4-XML library. No problems were reported after the version 13 release.


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