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DOS Bulletin - 2013-1

Dear NewViews User:

Welcome to the sixth issue of the DOS Bulletin. All prior bulletins have been archived on our website. If you wish to view any of them, including the issue on upgrading to Windows 7, please click here.

NewViews Website and NV1

Many of you may not be aware that our Q.W. Page Associates website always provides the most recent information and notices for NV1.

The focus of the home page is NV2, but the main page menu has a direct link to all things related to NV1. The Payroll menu button on the main page also leads to NV1 payroll information and notices.

When checking for the latest news on NV1, it will be listed on the News page of the website.

The last version of NV1 1.41b was released November 25, 1993. The latest information regarding NV1 is available on our website here.

The latest version of NV2 is 2.25.4 and was released March 19, 2013.

NV1 User Survey

We would like to thank the hundreds of NewViews users who participated in our recent survey. Users who indicated that they are not currently planning to upgrade to NV2 gave some of the following reasons:

  • Cost
  • No advantage to updating
  • NV2 too hard to use

We would like to address these top 3 reasons for not upgrading to NV2.


The price of NV2 has been held at $495.
This is a very competitive price - it includes payroll, inventory, order entry, budgeting, multi-user, foreign exchange, direct deposit, direct email, EFT payments, etc. Other products may appear to have a lower price, but do not include many of the above features.

You may choose to convert your books yourself, or have us do it for you. After close to a decade of converting thousands of sets of books we have found that converting a set of books can take from 4 to 14 hours of consulting time. The time involved includes:

  • Transferring your data to our offices via the internet.
  • Checking the books. - Are they balanced? Is there a trial balance? Are there issues with the DATAD.NV file? etc.
  • ATyping the books, i.e. marking all existing accounts according to their account type.
  • Exporting all the data out of NV1.
  • Importing the data into NV2.
  • Verifying the account balances in NV2.
  • Verifying GST/HST/PST trade tax settings.
  • Converting the last few checks, deposits, purchase and sales invoices to the new journals.
  • Verifying the employee accounts and transactions if the books have payroll.
For small books under 100 MB with no payroll, the average conversion time is around four hours. For larger books over 300 MB with payroll, the average is around eight to ten hours. Call us for a quote on converting your books.

We have NewViews users worldwide. If training is required, it is often done remotely with TeamViewer. TeamViewer is installed with NV2 and allows us to demonstrate NV2 as you watch.

No advantage to updating

Have you ever expanded a total account and wished you could see the transactions that contribute to that amount on the report? In NV2 you can do exactly that, and it gets better. When you expand an account from a report while positioned on an amount column, the ledger below will display the transactions within that date range that add up to that amount.

Have you ever wished reports had more than six columns? In NV2 you can have up to 366 columns, for any date range. You can have reports comparing just the month of March for the last 25+ years. Or see trends in the last 16 quarters. In NV2 your data is sorted with daily resolution vs. monthly resolution in NV1. You can report on a year or several years on a weekly basis, Monday to Sunday, which is great for retail comparisons. NV2 can also print presentation quality reports with proper formatting, indenting and currency symbols.

Have you ever wanted to "print" a statement or invoice directly as an email, without having to print to paper, scan the paper, then attach that scan to an email? In NV2 you can set the print "destination" to email. No paper, no scanning, no postage, no email program required. This saves money and time.

Have you ever wanted to work on a set of books, no matter who else has them open, no matter where the books are stored? With the NV2 server running, you always have access to the books, no matter who else has them open. You can even set up your own private "cloud" and access your books from anywhere in the world.

Have you ever wished you had a separate column for quantities, or needed additional columns for custom information, e.g. a second date column, or additional text columns to store project names, project end dates, or contract values right on the main screen? In NV2 you can add up to five additional date columns and ten additional text/amount columns to any report, ledger, distribution or journal.

Have you ever wished that payroll was just built-in, with no separate libraries, no separate files to download, install, etc.? Do you want payroll that is easier to use and more powerful, that can calculate EHT, WSIB, etc.? It's all in NV2.

The current version of NV2 is 2.25. NV2 is in constant development, incorporating new features as requested by users and as required by government, i.e. electronic filing, payroll, trade taxes, etc. Some of the recently added features are: batch printing, backorders, Caseware export, customer sales codes, discontiguous blocks, direct email, enforce unique transaction ref numbers, geographic trade tax codes, mail merge, print to PDF, reusable check addresses, T4A, T5, T5018, units of measure, etc.

This bulletin can't list all the improvements made over the last seven years. To see the latest NV2 manual, click here. Appendix - A has the version history of NV2 with all the changes and updates for each release.

NV2 too hard to use

Adding new reports, accounts and transactions to NV2 is very similar to NV1. You press insert on the report, ledger or journal to create a new line to add the new item. You can preset the date (i.e. / Edit Put), press [F3] to display the calendar, or press one letter ((t) for (t)oday) to get today's date. There is no need to type 8 characters for a date entry. You can enter new transactions directly on the account's ledger or in the journal, just like NV1.

Report dates can be edited by double clicking on the report's date. Double clicking on an account row on a report will expand (drill down) to the ledger. Double clicking on a transaction will now expand (drill down) to the distribution.

There have been many improvements to the interface, with more to come. Many of you looked at NV2 in 2005/06 when it was first released, but have not seen it recently. Some of the dozens of improvements to the interface include: bookmarks, forward & backward navigation buttons, a toolbar with several key icons - go home, undo, insert new row, etc. The main explorer folders have been updated, tabs have been redefined, and mouse click behavior has been improved.

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