No software makes it easier to interact with your accounting data

▪ real-time ledgers and reports

▪ drill down from reports to accounts to transactions to details

▪ analyze information for any period - past, present or future


Access data locally or remotely on your own private cloud

▪ no need for data and workstations to be in the same location

▪ no special server software required

▪ all you need is internet access


As your organization grows or changes...

NewViews adapts effortlessly

▪ unlimited accounts, journals, reports and users

▪ diversify or consolidate accounts and reports at any time

▪ retain full history of all accounts if you restructure your reports

NewViews for NGOs

Many non-profit organizations choose NewViews

to meet their unique bookkeeping and reporting requirements

NewViews for Non-Profit Housing

is specifically designed for

non-profit housing providers

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