technical support

“We are very happy with the wonderful on-line technical support service. The friendly, dedicated personnel always provide the best solutions promptly in resolving the technical issues that we have.”

Remote Support

With TeamViewer, you can allow authorized Q.W. Page support staff to view your computer screen remotely and resolve your issues quickly.

Callback Service

Users enrolled in a Premium Support Plan are entitled to a callback if a support representative is not available within 5 minutes from the time a call is placed to the Technical Support Department. Callbacks are guaranteed within 4 business hours.

Email Response

You can send your questions directly to the Technical Support Department and receive a response via email. This service is ONLY available to registered NewViews users who have a valid Support Plan contract number. This contract number MUST be specified in your message for you to receive a response.

Support Plans for NewViews 2 and NewViews for Non-Profit Housing

NV2 Support Plans are purchased in blocks of 120 minutes per year, commencing on the date payment is received. You can also pay for telephone support as required on a per call basis.

Cost $250 per plan $2.50 per minute
($25 minimum charge)
Total Support Time Per Plan 120 minutes / yr N/A
Callback Service Yes No
Email Response Service Yes
(incl in 120 mins)