NewViews 2.37 Service Pack 3 Released

To download this update for NewViews 2 or NewViews for Non-Profit Housing, click here.

This service pack includes the following behaviour changes:

  • The Go Home button will appear in the window toolbar in more cases (depending on access rights).
  • Database utilities check dangling index records operation and repair_dangling_index_records operation were improved.
  • (NewViews NPH users only) Inserting a new row on an RGI Info table will now copy the last RGI item (if present) to make simple edits easier.
  • (NewViews NPH users only) As clarified by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (MMAH), calculations for HSA/316 are updated to respect the following:
    • If the ODSP benefit unit’s only non-benefit income is CPP-D or the OAS Allowance, the CPP-D or OAS Allowance amount is compared to the ODSP basic needs to determine the monthly rent rather than to the non-benefit income limit.

This service pack also includes several bug fixes, which makes it imperative to install this service pack as soon as possible. This includes the following:

  • When changing the Ledger Index field on an account or the Transaction Index on a journal from No to Yes, a bug could occur, resulting in premature shutdown that may corrupt your database, possibly beyond repair. Although encountering this bug is relatively rare, it would likely require you to revert to the most recent backup of your database.

Please note: Version 2.37.1 was only released for NewViews NPH users and version 2.37.2 was an internal service pack release.