About Q.W. Page Associates Inc.

Our mission is to provide powerful, adaptable and affordable accounting software.

Our vision of creating a generic accounting model that can be easily adapted to the specific accounting requirements of any business has attracted a wide-range of organizations across a broad spectrum of industries.

In business since 1980, Q.W. Page Associates Inc., developers of NewViews Accounting Software, has garnered a loyal customer base including private, public and not-for-profit organizations.


In 1980, Q.W.Page launched their mission to create an accounting software package that was truly revolutionary. NewViews accounting software was released a few years later.  The success of the mission was evident – NewViews garnered rave reviews and won PC Magazine’s Award for Technical Excellence.  Q.W.Page was one of the first companies to recognize the importance of creating a generic accounting model that could easily be customized to accommodate the specific accounting requirements of any business.

The flexibility of that accounting model, in combination with full support for real-time transaction processing, ensured that NewViews has garnered a loyal customer base. More than 25 years later, NewViews’ competitors are still hard pressed to match its unique approach to accounting.


technical_excellence“By intelligently and creatively applying the metaphor of the spreadsheet to the profession in which the paper spreadsheet has been the primary tool for close to five centuries, Q.W.Page has created a truly universal, professional accounting tool for personal computers. Its authors took the best from the fertile field of personal computing and adopted features from word processors, spreadsheets and database programs to create a thoroughly modern approach to the traditional problems of accounting.” 


Award for Technical Excellence, PC Magazine