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To download this update for NewViews 2 or NewViews for Non-Profit Housing, click here.

This service pack provides:

  • Updated United States Payroll for January 2019 for Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont.
  • Behaviour changes to session states when running NewViews as a service; faster payrun processing in a multiuser environment; changing views of a table using the window tab button now preserves the selected index, direction and date range settings.
  • Problem/bug fixes, including addressing the slowdown some users experiences after installing the previous release.

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To download this update for NewViews 2 or NewViews for Non-Profit Housing, click here.

This service pack provides:

  • Updated Payroll for January 2019 for both Canada and the United States
  • Autocomplete date entry
  • Modified approach to more flexible ledger entries
  • The option to enter a pet’s age directly vs date of birth (NewViews for Non-Profit Housing only)
  • Behaviour changes with regard to long-duration operations in a multiuser environment
  • Problem/Bug fixes (server/service restarting after encoutering unexpected errors, checks/cheques printing negative amounts)

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All NewViews Payroll users in Ontario who installed service pack 3 should install service pack 4 as soon as possible to ensure that payroll will be processed correctly as of July 1, 2018.

To download the update, click here.

NewViews 2.32 service pack 3, which was release on June 18, 2018 included personal income tax rates, brackets and surtax changes for July 1, as proposed by the Ontario Liberal government on March 28. Immediately following this release, we were notified by the Canada Revenue Agency that senior Ontario officials in the incoming government had confirmed it does not intend to proceed with changes to Ontario personal income tax rates, brackets and surtax that were presented in the 2018 Ontario Budget.

NewViews 2.32 service pack 4, which was released on June 25, reverts back to Ontario personal income tax rates, brackets and surtax as at Jan 1, 2018 as set forth in the Payroll Deductions Formulas, 108th Edition, Effective July 1, 2018, T4127JUL(E) Rev.18



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NewViews version 2.32.3 is now available.

To download, click here.

This release  includes July 1, 2018 tax table changes for Canadian payroll (ON and PEI).

The NewViews for Non-Profit Housing edition also includes the following:

  • Additional RGI Notices – Four new mail merge options and templates for:
    • Notice of Rent Decrease
    • Notice of Market Increase
    • Notice of Market Increase (N2)
    • Notice of Rent Not Changed
  • Updated RGI Summary
    The signature portion of the RGI Calc Summary has been updated to include the Property Administrator, and the dates each party signed the document.

For a complete list of behaviour changes and bug fixes for both NV2 and NewViews for Non-Profit Housing, click the info links on the download page.

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This release only impacts NewViews for Non-Profit Housing users, who should install it at their earliest convenience. NV2 users can choose to skip this release.

To download this update, click here.

This service pack fixes the following bugs in the NewViews for Non-Profit Housing edition:

  • If household income for a unit exceeds market rent, negative subsidy amounts were generated. This release fixes the bug and will automatically recalculate any RGI items that have a negative subsidy.This bug was introduced in version 2.32.0 (released February 9, 2018) and will likely only affect changes to RGI information made since February 9.
  • For federally funded housing providers with final adjustments there are two bug fixes.
    • The first bug, introduced in version 2.32.0 (released February 9, 2018), did not include final adjustments (if any) in the total rent calculation.
    • The second bug, introduced in version 2.29.0 (released July 27, 2016), caused final adjustments (if any) to be added after the minimum/market rent calculation was made instead of before.

    If you encountered the first bug you will have to manually trigger a recalculation. Note that editing an RGI item’s information will trigger an automatic recalculation. To trigger a manual recalculation without editing any data, position in the Description column of the affected RGI item and press [Esc] followed by [F5].

    If you encountered the second bug you may choose to recalculate, or not. This is not a common bug and the amount of the error is less than or equal to the amount of the final adjustments.

    You could recalculate now and communicate any change to the member/tenant, or you could let the RGI item stand as is and have the correction happen automatically next time a change to the member/tenant RGI information occurs.

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NewViews version 2.32 is now available. To download, click here. To see a short demo of two great new features provided in this version – Print Journal Transactions and Pin Default View – please watch the short video below. Note that this version also includes updated US Payroll for 2018.

In addition to the two new features mentioned above, NewViews for Non-Profit Housing also provides the following enhancements:  A new Tools>Populate Utilities command, an updated RGI Calc Window Tab and Printout, and the ability to enter deposit amounts directly on the RGI, Rent Summary or RGI, Rent Detail view of a table of member/tenant accounts.


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Payroll for the year 2018 for Canada has been released on Monday December 18, 2017.

NV1 payroll updates are available from the download page.