NewViews 2.36 Service Pack 1 Released

It is vital that you run a data integrity check on all your NewViews books as soon as possible after installing version 2.36.1. You can download a script from our website that simplifies the data checking process for multiple sets of books. This script looks for very specific issues that may have arisen due to a rare set of circumstances that recently came to light and were corrected in version 2.36.1. As a result, the data checking process initiated by this script will complete in significantly less time than a more thorough data integrity check (which we still recommend running regularly).

Instructions for downloading the script and performing a data integrity check can be found on our website using the link below:

Test Your Books for Data Integrity with NewViews version 2.36.1.

To download this update for NewViews 2 or NewViews for Non-Profit Housing, click here.

This service pack includes the following fixes:

  • Under certain rare circumstances, a database could crash between safepoints, potentially compromising the internal recovery system that prevents data corruption.Database utilities checking for block_pointer_integrity and free_block_integrity sometimes reported errors that indicated a problem with the internal recovery system. In most cases, these errors could be repaired by running an nvreorg. In some cases, however, damage occurred in a critical area and could not be fixed by nvreorg. This release fixes the source of the problem that could potentially compromise the recovery system.
  • When using Block>Copy and Black>Paste commands for payroll timecard transactions, the start time and end time were not copied. This release fixes the problem.
  • A user transaction edit date range that spanned more than 68 years effectively locked the database to transaction entry/edit (e.g. 1950 to 2025). This release fixes the problem.

This service pack also includes the following updates for NewViews NPH:

  • Basic Needs tables are updated for HSA/316 and ILM.