TeamViewer is a program that allows authorized Q.W.Page support staff to view your computer screen remotely. A picture is worth a thousand words and viewing your screen enables support personnel to quickly resolve your issues and show you how to perform specific tasks.

To run TeamViewer on your computer follow these steps:

Step 1:  Call Q.W. Page customer support.

Registered users with a Customer Support Plan are welcome to contact Q.W. Page for direct on-line technical support using TeamViewer. Establish phone contact with customer support before running TeamViewer, and then remain on the phone with customer support during the TeamViewer session.

Step 2:  Click this link for TeamViewer On-line Support.

A window like the one below will appear.


Step 3:  Click the [Run] button.

A window like the one below should appear.


Step 4:  Read the 9-digit ID number to the customer support rep over the phone.

Using this ID, the Q.W. Page customer support person can view and navigate your computer screen. Remain on the phone as your issue is identified and resolved.

Step 5:  Terminate the TeamViewer session.

To terminate the TeamViewer session, click the red close button (X) on the TeamViewer Server Control window as shown below. When the TeamViewer session is closed, your computer screen can no longer be accessed remotely through TeamViewer. It’s like unplugging a telephone from the wall and Q.W. Page can no longer connect to you.


Note that when TeamViewer is run as described above, it is a special pre-configured version of the TeamViewer program that can never be accessed by anyone other than Q.W. Page personnel. Using this version does not prevent you from downloading the generic version from the TeamViewer website for your own use.