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Non-Profit Housing Edition – Released

NewViews for Non-Profit Housing is now available. To purchase this new edition, or to update from an existing version of NV1 or NV2, please contact Q.W. Page Associates Inc.

  • Monthly Rent Register
  • Rent and Subsidy Tracking by Unit
  • Arrears Reporting
  • Tenant History
  • Automated HST/GST Rebate Calculations
  • Purchase and Payment Requisitions
  • AIR Reporting (Ontario)
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NewViews 2.27 Service Pack 1 Released

This is the current release of NewViews 2. This release contains payroll updates for 2014 for Canada and the US.

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NV1 T4-XML Update for 2014 Released

An updated version to submit 2013 T4s for DOS NewViews has been released. Employers who submit more than 50 T4s are required to file electronically using the Internet.