Hello Erik,

To get what you want will require that you create an allocation tag for each vendor and then at the point of entry in the purchase invoice journal, enter the allocation tag in the details of the invoice under the tag column. You can enter multiple allocation tags by first pressing F3 to select an allocation tag and then press escape and then press the end key add a space and then manually enter your next allocation tag.

Once done, you done review the reports by the allocation tags you have created for each vendor.

Using the allocations tags, you can can then get the transactions in the reports that you wish but it will be per column. You can use Print > Account Ledgers > Advanced to display the transaction as per a tag. Use it once for tag Vendor A and then again for Tag Vendor B. Use Excel to merge the transactions to one spread sheet.

Another approach would be to display a particular tag or all tags in the green ledger and then select the items to print (contiguous blocking) and then select print block to display in excel.

Unfortunately at this time you cannot select multiple allocation tags from the the define columns menu. You display the tagged columns and then select View > Analysis > New Column > Sum which will add a new column and with the sum of the two prior columns.

Regards to All,