Block a check to print and right mouse click Print > Checks (ALT PC) and set the destination to Display by pressing F3 in the value field. Under template, press F3 and review the selection templates in c:NV2nv2.datobjectnewviews which shows all of the available templates that come with NV2. What you want to try are templates with the name:


The xxxx is the check model number of the check. Look for the templates that include CPA in the template names. Select your template and then F5 to continue to output your check to be displayed in Excel. One of the templates should be be exactly what you need or close enough that you can modify the template in Excel.

For Pay Account or Print > AP Checks, set the destination to display and select templates with the name:


I’ve assumed your NV2 program is installed in C:NV2. If you need to alter your selected template, review the NewViews 2.11 Manual under Printing > Printing Documents > Document Templates section.

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