Hi Martin,

If I’m being a bit thick with your explanation, please excuse me. ;-)

Regarding the backup, I read this in the 2.16 manual.
Multi-user File Backups and Security

The File>Backup command is especially suitable for backing up files opened with multi-user access because there is no need for users to log out first. Users will see a progress window indicating that a backup is being performed, and they are simply paused until the backup is complete.

But, if I run backup on a workstation, it backs up the workstation files, and if I run it on the server, it backs up the server files.

If I want to use NV2 to backup the books, I need to shut down the server, and open them directly on that machine?

And, concerning the Scheduled Task Script, can that be run when the server is up but the books are not being accessed from the workstations?