Printing problems fall into two broad categories:

1 – You can’t print at all – you get an error or there is absolutely no output on the page.

This is a ‘system’ issue and at this point the printer driver used in NewViews is irrelevant. One (or more) of the following is the cause:

– You have a ‘Windows only’ printer, and David’s nvPRNq will get you going.

– The system needs to be configured so DOS programs can print. Under Win 2000 & XP the “NET USE” command is often just the ticket. For example, if the printer share name is HPLASERJ on machine SERVER1 you would type (at a DOS prompt)


This sets up a ‘permanent’ connection between LPT1 and the desired printer. (This can even get you printing on some USB printers.)

The bottom line when solving this problems is this: Shut NewViews down and simply work at a DOS prompt. The test is to do this:


When the system is configured properly for DOS promting, this command will result in a directory listing going to the printer. When that works, NewViews will be able to print. We often council people to do this when they are dealing with a 3rd-party support person, like a printer manufacturer. We find that many times they tell a user a printing problem is NewViews’ fault when in fact it isn’t. If NewViews isn’t even running then they are often forced to actually solve the problem.

2 – You get output, but it doesn’t look right.

This is now a driver issue, and the name of the printer in the Print Options prompt becomes relevant.