If the Windows style menu is turned off in your NV2 books then right mouse anywhere in your NV2 books and click on the plus next to view, plus on Menu Bar and click on display. This will show the standard windows menu bar at the top of your books.

Once activated, you can now use the short cut keys assigned to each command.

In your Bank under NewViews > Account > Bank under the blue table (top right pane) choose the window select button and click reconcile. Click the unreconciled field for the particular bank account which will show you all of the open items in that account. In the green table below type in your reconcile text in the reconcile field for the item you wish to reconcile and issue the keyboard commands:

ALT EC – Edit Copy

Cursor down and then issue ALT EP (Edit Pate) on your next open item. To clear the reconcile text issue ALT EC on an unreconciled item in the reconcile field.

For thoose familiar with the control keys, there is Ctrl KW which sets the reconcile text for use with Ctrl KR. In the windows style menu the keystrokes are ALT EVS and ALT EVG respectively (Edit Default Value Set Edit Default Value Get). To clear, issue Ctrl KC.