I do not know how QWPage would sugest to do it, but this is what I have used to add extra info.
You can use this on most tables
Run the script nv2.exe/object/newviews/newfield_additional_info

Here is the description from the help file

“Can be run from any blue account table, pink journal table or green account’s ledger table.

Will add five (5) additional date fields and five (5) additional string fields to a table. You may delete any of the new columns if you do not require all five date or all five string fields.”

Select the payroll on the tree.

From the top window select employeepayroll information.

Make certain that a cell in the top window is selected.

Run the script

You will now have 5 alpha numeric and 5 date column.

Select a cell in one of the date column , press F11 to bring up the define column screen.

Rename the column to whatever you wish.

You can now delete the other extra columns you created.

You can use the ctrl and arrow keys to move the column where you want it.

You now have an extra date column to use.

The only problem is that you cannot use F3 to bring up the calendar.

Like I said there may be another way that Qwpage have to handle this but this has worked for me.