I’m not mad at anyone, but I wish QW would listen about this problem. I have been using NV1, almost since NV started. I have NV1 on a separate hard drive on my computer dedicated to just NV1…nothing else. When I purchased my current computer, and the ones before it, the NV hard drive was placed in it. I don’t want my accounting data anywhere near the Internet. NV1 is fantastic software.

Bookkeeping is a “black and white” process. It’s a numbers process that is either a debit or credit. You don’t need “bells and whistles.” Where the fancy stuff comes in is with reports. I have been printing dos to usb using Prnt 1.2.2. Not fancy and slow. I cannot understand why QW doesn’t create a “bridge” application that takes the NV1 data and sends it to print-report software with the bells and whistles.

And sell it!