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    I know this has been addressed in several other threads. Unfortunately, I don’t think the solution is adequate nor does it always work.

    I run a small accounting practice and have promoted New Views 1 for many years. Unfortunately, with the disappearance of the parrallel port, I have spent many frustrating hours trying to get NV1 to print to a USB port. I loathe losing clients to Simply (which isn’t simple) but until the printing problem is fixed no one will buy NV1.

    Maybe that’s ok with QW Page, but I don’t like NV2. I have attended their courses – left all pumped up to try NV2, but then was disappointed in its actual performance. I have tried to work with NV2 and hate its complexity. NV 1 is still the most unbelievable accounting package out there. I have clients who have sales in excess of $20,000,000 doing their books on NV1.

    So, if QW Page is listening, I would like to see a fix for the printing, PLEASE.
    I’m an accountant and do not want to be a computer technician.


    There are NewViews consultants that I can recommend that will attend to your needs. They will do it for a consultant fee. These Consultants will not perform their services for free.

    If you are interested, you can email me at and quote this email and I will be happy to speed up the introduction process.

    If you are looking for an alternative to paid support then good luck with your inquiry!

    This forum is for all users who have NV1 problems.

    This forum is not here for your complaining!

    Regards to all,



    Wow. I read this post and couldn’t believe it. If this is your level of commitment to your customers perhaps you should cancel my order for the windows version which I have not yet received. Your techs should be quite capable of a simple patch for nv1. If not, at least cut the rudeness. Wow!

    Grant McIntyre


    Hi all.

    I don’t think it’s really fair to slag QW on this.

    Computers can still be equiped with parallel ports – you just have to specify one when you buy the machine. Also, parallel port add-on cards are available at every computer shop for $20 or so.

    Also, the frustrations in getting DOS printing to work on a current system are not the fault of QW – or any other software vendor, except Microsoft.

    To sum up – if NV (Dos) is the ‘perfect’ solution for a company’s bookkeeping, then why is the cost/effort to maintain an environment in which it can be used such a burden? After all, the cost of ownership for DOS NV is zero.

    That’s my two cents worth.

    Randy Walton

    Well said, Bob.

    I agree completely!


    The additional problem is finding printers with parallel ports. There are solutions and they’ve discussed fully on this site.

    The problem is not QW, in fact they have provided more help than you’d get from any other software company.


    A follow-up.

    Yes, finding a suitable printer can be an issue. A few points:

    – Generally speaking, all HP Laserjets will work.

    – For other makes, inspect the specs carefully. You are looking for the printer languages supported, and PCL (HP’s Printer Control Language) is what you must find. If it’s not there, then you can be 99% sure the printer won’t work with a DOS program. If PCL is listed, the version doesn’t matter.

    – It’s possible to print from DOS though a USB port. I’ve done it. Once. Other attempts failed for no good reason (I get cryptic Windows errors when issuing the NET USE command, or no error message, but no output either.) The time I did get it to work was maybe a fluke, but it was on my home machine (XP) with a Laserjet 3300. It worked great for about a year then stopped working. After hours of hair-pulling I gave up and hooked the printer up with a parallel cable and it’s been fine since then. (It’s been suggested that an otherwise benign Windows update clobbered my DOS/USB printing capability, but life is too short to ever know for sure.)

    Lesson learned: Buy an HP Laserjet and use a parallel port hookup. You *may* get a USB connection to work, but don’t count on it.



    The HP2035 printer comes with a parallel port and USB. It also comes as a network printer.

    This is a fairly new printer and the only one I’ve found with a parallel port.


    I find the NETUSE command works very well for me. It allows me to print NV1 from a USB printer. Only rarely do I find a printer that just won’t cooperate. My Geek puts in the NETUSE command for me, but I have done it myself. Michele Winger


    I’m not mad at anyone, but I wish QW would listen about this problem. I have been using NV1, almost since NV started. I have NV1 on a separate hard drive on my computer dedicated to just NV1…nothing else. When I purchased my current computer, and the ones before it, the NV hard drive was placed in it. I don’t want my accounting data anywhere near the Internet. NV1 is fantastic software.

    Bookkeeping is a “black and white” process. It’s a numbers process that is either a debit or credit. You don’t need “bells and whistles.” Where the fancy stuff comes in is with reports. I have been printing dos to usb using Prnt 1.2.2. Not fancy and slow. I cannot understand why QW doesn’t create a “bridge” application that takes the NV1 data and sends it to print-report software with the bells and whistles.

    And sell it!


    I agree, but there are programs which work, some better than others. Maybe we can convince Bob at Softrite to write the usb print program.

    He’s working on the XML file for filing T4’s over the Internet required by Rev Can. It’s almost done and the initial files looked good.


    Thanks. Perhaps it would be useful to list the “Top 10.” Then let everyone make up their own mind which to choose. I have used two so far, both acceptable…but not quite.

    Best would be using the capitalist approach, select the best one and buy or license the code. Then have software clean it up for NV. May be less expensive in the long run than starting from “time zero.” Then watch NV1 fly off your shelves.

    My opinion, of course.

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