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    Some of you might already be using Linux, so I’ll apoligize in advance if I’m behind the times.
    Anyway, my son bought me a new laptop for Xmas with Windows 11, 64bit. We all know that NV1 requies a 32bit, and I’ve being using NV1 since 1979 and still do, at least for my personal stuff with no plans to give it up.
    Wipe out Windows 11
    Install a new version of Linux, we chose Linux Mint
    Install Virtualbox ( much like Dosbox, but much superior)
    Install Win7 in virtualbox
    Install all of my 32bit software in the Win7 (from ISO image)
    At first I was not impress, but the more I used the system, and found how seamlessly the two operated, and that Win7 was just like before, I became a fan.
    Several problems not solved, and a bit beyond my expertise:
    1. Virtalbox does not recognize USB ports. What we did was setup Shared folders (like a separate drive), where data could be accessed, and saved to.
    2. Haven’t figured out how to setup a wireless printer. I currently need to save file and move to my old computer to print.
    3. Also haven’t figured out how to scan, though there are Screenshot to copy documents in Word or other programs, but can’t actually scan documents (no USB access).
    But as far as eas of use and functionality I rate the combination a 4 Star. Speed is also great. There are a ton of apps which duplicate or are similar to Windows programs available for Linux, but I’m happy using my old windows programs.


    Let me add another plus. You can back up not only your data easily and quickly, but you can clone your operating system and all of the data, in two simple ways. The first is to just back up the file of the virtual drive, or you can create a second virtual drive cloning your existing operating system, programs and access to your data, in minutes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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