Hello Thomas,

I had a user with a simular problem. Make sure the printer port is a Standard TCP/IP printer port instead of LAN MANAGER Printer Port (Check the default printer on your Windows system for this).

Here are some instructions for all users experiencing this problem where the port is not a Standard TCP/IP printer port:

Regards to all,


Go to Printers:

Add Printer.

Add a LOCAL Printer.

Create a new port.

Choose Standard TCP/IP Port from the Port-Type drop down menu. (click a series of “Next” buttons)

Put the address of the printer SERVER in the IPADDRESS box(
Port Name is the Name of the Printer Share on the sprint server .. (if print share is \ – type PRINTER in the port name box)

Use a Stanard Generic Network Card as a device.
Choose the appropriate driver for the printer connected to print server (Epson LX300+)

Click through a series of NEXT buttons until asked for Printer name.  Name of Share (Printer)

Do not share the printer – and choose whether or not it is default printer.
Then finish.

THEN – open the printer’s properties | click on the Port tab and highlight the newly created port.

Click on “Configure port”

Click on the LPR radial button, and in LPR Setting add the name of the printer share (PRINTER).
And click ok..