I do not know how to export and import headings for the REPORT procedure, but if you are only doing 6 months at a time then I would use the analysis view which gives you 6 columns.

I then use the old procedure WRITEANA (from New Views version that preceeded 1.41b) which writes the header to the procedure area of the program – the “new” WRITEANA procedure writes to a buffer and I don’t know how to access the buffer.

I then export the headers (use one for BS & one for IS) using PUTPROCS and then import the headers into another set of books by using GETPROCS. You can then load the headers into each report by going to each report and running the saved header as a procedure, ie. ~gr”BS”. – this will run the header BS (Balance Sheet) and install the saved header on whatever report you are on.

ALternatively, like you I have over 10 books every month where I use the same headings. To speed up the process I use the following procedure.

First I create one set of headings for Balance Sheet (BS) nad Income Statement (IS).

I then run the old Writeana

Then I go to the procedure area and block in the 2 headers which I have saved as “BS” and “IS”. Then run PUTPROCS – this will export the 2 headers out of the books to whatever folder(directory) you designate.

Then I go to another set of books and run the following procedure :
Note the first time this procedure is run you must create the 2 headers (BS & IS)in the procedures area, otherwise you will get an error message when the procedure tries to delete the headers.
Also – the name of the balance sheet in my books is “BAL SHEET” and the income statement is “INC STMNT”

Monthly Report Headings
~gi”BAL SHEET”.~de~dv”a”.~gr”bs”.
~gi”INC STMNT”.~de~dv”a”.~gr”is”.