Hi Ruth

Go to your report that you lost the columns.

There should be a blue header bar at the top of the report .
It should start with /REPORT/.
Right click on the blue header, a pop up box should appear with the name REPORT DESKTOP MENU
from the menu select WINDOW, then DEFAULT SETUP

This will reset all your reports to the default view.

Now that we are back to the default

From the account menu under the blue header bar select the setup view.

Now that you have the view that you want to modify while holding the CTRL key press f11

A popup window will appear “DEFINE COLUMNS”. At the top right of this window click on copy. You should now see that the current setting field has change to “copy (1) of Setup” . Type over this to rename to what ever you want to name this view. Hit enter and then close this window.

You should now see that the blue header bar will have the new name in it.

You can now delete the columns you do not want. And move the remaining columns by clicking in the column , holding the CTRL key and using the left and right cursor key to move the column.

When you want to go back to the default setup view , under the blue header bar click on accounts and select setup. You can always go back to your modified view by clicking on accouts and selecting the new view you created.

I hope I did not forget any steps.