NewViews Obsolescence and Support Policy

Our policy is to support the current version of NewViews 2 and NewViews for Non-Profit Housing (collectively referred to as NewViews software). “Support” refers to live technical support provided over the phone, remote access using TeamViewer, and support provided via email. Note that re-registering NewViews on a different computer is considered a technical support service.

We are committed to improving the NewViews user experience on an ongoing basis. We also want to ensure that that our products not only meet your needs today, but evolve to meet your needs in the future. As such, we believe it’s important to prioritize development and support for the most current versions of our products.

We reserve the right to require users to update to the current version of NewViews software in order to obtain technical support, as older versions of these products may lack features, enhancements or bug fixes that are integral to the issue for which support is requested.

We strongly encourage users with non-supported versions of NewViews software to upgrade to the most current version to benefit from the latest software technology and ensure full access to Q.W. Page technical support services. We will work with you to make sure that your upgrade experience is quick, easy and as cost-effective as possible.

Please note that the accuracy of NewViews Payroll, EFT and RGI requires you to be running the most current version of our software.

Important! Only users with a current NewViews Support Plan, or those who use the Pay per Call service, are eligible to receive technical support. NewViews Support Plans entitle users to a maximum of 120 minutes of support, which expire 1 year from the date the Support Plan is purchased.

To check if you are running the current version of NewViews software, choose Help > About from the NewViews menu bar, then look for the version and service pack numbers (under NewViews Program). Compare this with the current release and version history listed on our website at

Revised January 2019