Special Offer for Accountants in Public Practice

If you are an accountant in public practice with a CPA designation, we invite you to attend a complimentary webinar (approximately 3 hours). At the conclusion of the webinar, you will receive a FREE fully functional NewViews 2 workstation license valued at $745!

These live webinars are conducted remotely and can be arranged to fit your schedule. All you need to participate is a computer and an internet connection.

Find out for yourself how NewViews 2 provides a flexible and scalable solution that other accounting programs simply can’t match.

Accountants Appreciate the Power of NewViews

Accountants are best equipped to recognize and appreciate the power of NewViews. Using NewViews as a foundation, there are no business accounting needs that can’t be solved.

A list of NewViews’ accounting features would look similar to those offered by many other accounting programs. That isn’t what makes NewViews stand out. It’s the way NewViews does things that sets it apart. NewViews will help you get the job done faster, and can accommodate complex accounting setups in a way no other accounting system can.

Talk to our experts about your accounting software requirements and let us demonstrate the flexibility of our true real-time multi-user system.

NewViews – An Integrated Internet Access Solution

With NewViews, accountants in public practice can provide their clients with additional high value services at little cost. Robust internet capabilities means you and your staff can log into a client’s books, from your office, and accomplish your activities directly and efficiently. No additional hardware or software is required.

There are many additional services an accounting firm could offer their clients if there was a way to make those services more time and/or cost efficient. Direct access to live, operational data provides that opportunity. With NewViews, you can offer valuable new services and take a more active role in overseeing your client’s business, right down to the bookkeeping cycles:

  • Streamline information flow, improve documentation and techniques, nail down internal controls.
  • Monitor your client’s financial activities in real-time; identify opportunities and avoid disasters.

Turnaround period ends, all from your end:

  • Review and audit the entire accounting database, quickly and easily.
  • Enter all accrual/adjusting entries and produce a final set of numbers for financial statements and tax returns.

Full service data hosting:

  • Have your clients log into their accounting database hosted at your office (or use our data hosting service).
  • Monitor data integrity, perform regular backups, and keep all clients on the same current version.

High value services at low cost represents a high margin profit opportunity. Attend a NewViews webinar and find out more!