The NewViews Approach for Non-Profit Organizations

For non-profit organizations, change is a way of life. Limits imposed by traditional accounting software programs can make it difficult – if not impossible – to effectively accomodate diverse sources of funding and meet highly specialized reporting requirements.

NewViews provides the flexibility, scalability and security that NGOs need to be effective in their mission while remaining fully accountable. Importantly, unlike other software designed for use by non-profits, NewViews is fully integrated in real-time – there are no separate modules to purchase.

The functionality of NewViews can be modified and expanded to reflect the changing needs of each NGO. The only decision to make is whether a single or multi-user setup is the more appropriate choice.

Fund Accounting

NewViews accommodates an unlimited number of funds. Each fund may be treated as a separate entity with its own general ledger and individual revenue, expense, income and balance sheet reports. NewViews enables NGOs to produce multiple balance sheets and/or consolidated balance sheets with multiple fund balances. A variety of fund accounting methods are supported:

  • Fully restricted fund balance accounting
  • Partially or non-restricted fund balance accounting
  • Deferral method

There are no limits on account names (alphanumeric characters as well as select symbols) which facilitates accuracy by allowing familiar acronyms and abbreviations to be used. Integrated email also enables NGOs to transmit key documents quickly and easily.

NewViews for NGOs
NewViews for NGOs

“As a charity, our greatest needs are for up-to-date records for the many funds we manage, as well as the traditional financial statements. NewViews has fulfilled this need, so that we can know our fund balance on a daily basis. Our financial statements are published on the last day of the current month – a feat never before achieved with any other accounting system.”

“We now have the ability to provide our Board of Directors and funders with up to date financial details on each of our separate programs. For non-profit organizations, this is imperative for decision making and strategic planning. Our Board is please with the information they are now receiving on a regular basis. Thank you again!”

“NewViews integrates the entire process of grant writing, budgeting, accounting, and reporting. The flexibility provided by NewViews saves an enormous amount of time and makes financial reporting much more efficient. In fact, using NewViews has meant fewer nights working on finances and more nights at the theatre!”

“In a few lines it is difficult to express all the ways in which NewViews is important to us. As a not-for-profit or charity, an important consideration is the need to express our year end audit using accrual accounting as well as manage our operations on a day to day cash basis. NewViews allows for this requirement without the need for specialized reporting procedures or other software tools.”

“NewViews has advanced Ontario Ballet Theatre more than any other software package. With NewViews we have instant, continual updating of our diverse sources of revenue in our fundraising campaigns. The ability to maintain records for individual, corporate, foundation, government, and special events donors allows us to keep reassessing our position and this helps us achieve our financial goal.”

“NewViews gives me instant up-to-the-minute access to account balances and expenses. Building different reports from the same information to suit the requirements of various funders is really easy.”

“Never having had any accounting experience, I was very reticent when asked to take over the accounting responsibility. However, with the help of NewViews, which greatly simplifies the task, I now feel quite comfortable in my role.”

Accounting for Native Canadian Communities

First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities across Canada have been relying on NewViews for more than 20 years. NewViews supports financial statements that conform to guidelines set out in the INAC Year End Reporting Handbook. Funds/grants can be tracked over multiple years, with full control over allocation to individual departments or projects. Reporting on diverse programs such as health, education, heritage, social services, housing, etc., is always up-to-date, allowing community leaders to make timely and effective decisions.

Why do non-profit organizations choose NewViews?

Unlimited Configurations

NewViews can easily be adapted to meet the needs of virtually any NGO, including:

  • Charities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Religious Institutions
  • Arts & Culture Organizations
  • Environment and Conservation Societies
  • Human and Social Services
  • Foundations
  • Tribal Governments
  • Animal Welfare Organizations

Customized Reporting

  • NewViews reports can be customized to meet the requirements of government and other funding agencies, Boards of Directors, management committees, project coordinators and accountants.
  • As requirements change, reports can easily be modified without any impact on the integrity of the underlying data.
  • All reports provide full drill-down capabilities through to transaction detail and can be generated and regenerated for any time period (including multiple fiscal years).

Comprehensive Budgeting

  • NewViews provides extensive budgeting capabilities, including the ability to set up multiple budgets simultaneously.
  • NGOs can easily track budgeted amounts versus actuals and report on variances for any period.
  • Budgets can be adjusted at any time, which allows a budget to be posted on submission, and adjusted (if necessary) when approval is received.
  • The option of doing “what if” scenarios when working on budget submissions.