NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Release Notes

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NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.32.2
Released March 8, 2018

This is a service pack for version 2.32.

Problems/Bugs Fixed by this Release

  • If household income for a unit exceeds market rent, negative subsidy amounts were generated. This release fixes the bug and will automatically recalculate any RGI items that have a negative subsidy.
    • This bug was introduced in version 2.32.0 (released February 9, 2018) and will likely only affect changes to RGI information made since February 9.
  • For federally funded housing providers with final adjustments there are two bug fixes.
    • The first bug, introduced in version 2.32.0 (released February 9, 2018), did not include final adjustments (if any) in the total rent calculation.
    • The second bug, introduced in version 2.29.0 (released July 27, 2016), caused final adjustments (if any) to be added after the minimum/market rent calculation was made instead of before.

If you encountered the first bug you will have to manually trigger a recalculation. Note that editing an RGI item’s information will trigger an automatic recalculation. To trigger a manual recalculation without editing any data, position in the Description column of the affected RGI item and press [Esc] followed by [F5].

If you encountered the second bug you may choose to recalculate or not. This is not a common bug and the amount of the error is less than or equal to the amount of the final adjustments.

You could recalculate now and communicate any change to the member/tenant, or you could let the RGI item stand as is and have the correction happen automatically next time a change to the member/tenant RGI information occurs.

NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.32.1
Released February 13, 2018

This is a service pack for version 2.32.

Problems/Bugs Fixed by this Release

  • Email stopped working. This release has the sole purpose of fixing the ability to send email. The previous version included a new low-level package supporting email security but that package had a flaw. This release reverts to the original security package.
NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.32
Released February 9, 2018

This is a version change, resetting the service pack number to zero. After installing this version, each workstation, server, or application database is automatically processed the first time you open it. You will be asked for confirmation before any processing is performed and, as a precaution, a backup is made automatically before each conversion.

2018 Payroll

Includes United States January 01, 2018 tax calculation update.  All United States payroll users will require this version to process payroll after January 1st, 2018.

  • This release includes US payroll processing for federal taxes and 11 of the states that have released final specifications. These include: California, DC, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island and South Carolina.

Print Journal Transactions

A common task is to print the transactions in one or more journals, for a specific date range. Although any transaction can be printed using commands such as Print>All, printing multiple transactions can be tedious. The Print>Journal Transactions command is used to print many journals or journal transactions with one operation, and offers several additional features.

Pin Default View

A new Pin button has been added to the tool bar. This button allows you to instantly pin (set) your preferred layout and view.

RGI Calc Window Tab and Printout Updated

The RGI item detail window tabs Calc Summary and Calc Detail have been consolidated into one Calc Summary tab. The print output has also been updated to display more information about the unit, and the reason for a calculation update.

Tenant / Member Deposits

You can enter deposit amounts for the unit directly on the blue RGI, Rent Summary or RGI, Rent Detail view of a table of tenant/member accounts, or you can enter deposits on individual RGI detail items.

Behaviour Changes

  • External IP address was added to Help>About and Help>Net Performance.

    When connecting from outside your LAN (local area network) or Intranet, you need the External IP which is the router/gateway external IP.

    Your organization’s router/gateway must be configured to forward incoming connections on port 7890 to a particular computer within the Intranet (the I.P. address of the computer running the NewViews server.)

  • Canadian T5 Statement of Investment Income box 30 {Equity Linked Notes Interest} added.
  • Inventory account unit of measure fields are now inherited from the branch folder above. All accounts in the folder do not need to be set individually if they are all set to the same values. Just set the values on the bold total row at the end of the table of accounts.

    The inventory unit of measure fields are found on the Trade/Tax Info view of inventory accounts. They are:

    Inventory Unit of Measure
    Purchase Unit List
    Sale Unit List

  • Print>Account Ledgers now prints transaction detail items in the user sorted order, not the order created.

Problems/Bugs Fixed by this Release

  • The error “Expected a year in the range 1903 to 2037 but encountered 1902” occurred in rare circumstances.

    This error was caused by cases where a table’s column date setting would cause other columns to reflect the new date, like transaction aging. If, for example, you tried to age receivables or payables at Jan 01, 1903, the aging columns would try to reach back into 1902. This causes an error.

    There were a handful of other very obscure cases where this sort of thing could happen, and they have been fixed. Any configuration that causes a column to attempt to reach back before Jan 01, 1903 is pinned at Jan 01, 1903.

  • Print>Consolidation Analysis had a bug when underlining. In some cases, the row after an underlined row was omitted.
NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.31.4
Released December 21, 2017

This is a service pack for version 2.31.

2018 Payroll

2018 Canadian Payroll.

  • Includes Canadian January 01, 2018 payroll calculation updates.

    All Canadian payroll users will require this version to process payroll after January 1st, 2018.

2018 US Payroll

  • The IRS anticipates late release of 2018 withholding tables, publications.

    The IRS anticipate issuing the initial withholding guidance in January reflecting the new legislation.
    Since the forms and publications are not available, this release allows United States payroll users to use the 2017 information to process payroll after January 1st, 2018.

Problems/Bugs Fixed by this Release

  • Some sessions were marked “disconnected”. Application databases accessed remotely often had their session state set to “disconnected” when they should have been set to “closed”. The databases were properly closed in any case, and no harm was done.
  • Attempting to execute an Audit command on a payrun’s paylist caused a crash.
  • Quick edits to tables stacked in a “companion detail pane” situation could, in certain circumstance, cause a crash. Careful examination of a single case suggested a “scrub and harden pass”, which led to 30 additional precautionary changes.
  • In NewViews release 2.31.3 a small change caused an unintended consequence: pressing the Copy (or New) button on a print or tool prompt did not auto-name the new option settings.
  • It was discovered that in some circumstances it was possible to crash NewViews by using a print or tool prompt, and then at a later date executing a Window>Default Setup command (to replace the window that originally launched the prompt), followed still later by the use of the same print or tool prompt.Failure to find the original launch window caused a crash.
  • In NewViews version 2.31.3, a new consistency check was added to the Tools>Mail Merge command. Instead of waiting for MS Word to eventually fail on a mismatch between template fields versus data file fields, the consistency is quickly checked beforehand by NewViews. Unfortunately, custom user scripts written to filter data were forgotten.This release skips the pre-check when a custom script is driving the data gathering process.
  • A few examples of “deleted object” tests were found to be missing. Many prompts for tools and printing have fields that allow you to choose objects (e.g. accounts to post to, etc.). In some cases, when a chosen object was subsequently deleted, by you or another user, the prompt would crash at launch.This release fixes the cases where this error can occur.
  • Accounts Payable – T4A slips always reported a SIN number of “000000000” for a recipient of type “individual”, whether or not the SIN for the individual was entered properly.
  • Canadian payroll – some T4 (and Releve 1) Summary List column totals were not calculated (e.g. T4 Box 40 or Releve 1 Box W).
  • Canadian and USA payroll – setting a T4/W2 reporting year outside the Unix date range (1903-2037) caused a crash.
NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.31.3
Released November 3, 2017

This is a service pack for version 2.31.

Block close balance forward script

The new script name had name block_close_balance_forward.qw_script and it is found in the .../nv2/nv2.dat/scripts folder. This script is similar to the block_close script found in the same folder, in that you mark a block of accounts and specify a begin and end date, and the script will close the ledger items in the specified period for all selected accounts.

The main difference is that the block_close_balance_forward script also adds a balance forward transaction to each account, setting the closed running balance of the period to zero, and adding an equivalent “balance forward” open amount for the next period. This script is used in association with Print>Statements which normally prints open-item statements, but when used with this new script, can print balance-forward statements.

Behavior Changes

  • Connection monitor displays megabytes.Upload and download volume was displayed in bytes. They are now displayed in megabytes.
  • Utilities calculations now switch on the year to the appropriate utilities tables, and new tables for 2017 are included.
  • Calc detail panes now include space for signatures, and the header layout is more informative.
  • A new income type for WSIB has been added, which is treated like regular income.

Problems/Bugs Fixed by this Release

  • The NewViews service could silently hang and not restart.

    Investigation revealed that the service could hang when the service port (usually 7890) was accessed by an unauthorized outside entity, whether inadvertently, or due to a hacking attack on the port. Normally when a bug is detected in the service, the service will restart and workstations are notified that their connections are lost. In this particular problem the service was not restarted and the workstations were not notified. All NewViews processes appeared to hang.Steps have been taken so that the service will ignore and survive such unauthorized access, without the need to restart, and these steps have been successful under this release. Note also that this problem and it’s fix also apply when running the NewViews server directly (i.e. not as a windows service).

  • Bugs in a workstation could shut down the server as well.

    When a bug occurs in a NewViews workstation it should shut down the workstation but it should not affect servers on which the workstation has open application databases. However, in the case where the workstation had a remote server database open, a bug in the workstation would also shut down the corresponding server, and this would also cause lost connections on other workstations connected to the server. The server should eventually re-start, but this takes a while, and in any case, all other workstations would have to re-open their application databases on that server. This release fixes the problem. A bug in the workstation should have no effect on any server or any workstations connected to those servers.

  • Changing total to’s when semiloops are allowed could blow memory.

    This problem only applies to databases where semiloops are allowed in the account total-to structure. Semiloops are allowed only in old databases that have been “grandfathered” but it can be an important consideration when eliminating semiloops in these old databases. Re-totaling accounts near the top of the total structure (i.e. proof accounts or accounts near it such as total assets or liability & equity) could cause memory blowout. This is not a problem for the vast majority of databases where there are no semiloops, but in databases that have semiloops, it can make it difficult to re-total accounts in an effort to eliminate those semiloops.

  • [F3] for edit assist on a server file could cause an inadvertent error.

    This rather obscure problem occurred when pressing for edit assist when selecting a database file to offer on a server, but the problem only occurred when performing the selection in a window on a remote server.

  • Executing Tools menu commands after selecting only the “Total” row of a table crashed NewViews.

    Many folders in NewViews display all the items in the folder and a “phony” total row at the bottom (or top if sorted in reverse order). Examples of this would include the AP folder for vendors, or the AR folder for customers. This total row does not really exist as an item in the collection. It is a row for the folder itself, showing totals for the folder.In prior versions, marking this single row with a block or selection command, followed by a tool command crashed NewViews.

  • Occasionally, launching a Print or Tools prompt crashed NewViews.
  • Executing a Window>Copy Table Columns in a table launched to pick an item crashed NewViews.
  • Entering a zero amount for trade tax on a SALES or PURCHASE transaction item, when the tax account is unspecified, crashed NewViews.
  • Using the Block>Paste command for transactions or postings did not set the transaction date(s) to the specified value, when the transactions in the buffer had no date.
  • Executing a Tools>EFT Payment or Tools>EFT Deposit command on transaction that had no Bank account specified crashed NewViews. The same bug would occur if the “contra” account was not specified.
  • Executing an command to navigate from a ledger item to the corresponding journal entry (or vice versa) would crash NewViews if the destination folder was hidden or the operator’s access rights prohibited viewing the destination data.
NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.31.2
Released August 23, 2017

This is a service pack for version 2.31.

July 2017 Payroll Update

  • Canada July 01, 2017 tax calculation updates.
  • Includes Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan.

Auto-Reconcile Import Suspense Account Map

  • The auto-reconcile dialog has a new field containing a list of user-defined pattern/account-name pairs. When importing transactions exported from the bank, you can automatically post the imported transactions to different suspense accounts depending on the imported transaction’s description. When a pattern is found in the transaction’s description, that transaction will post to the suspense account associated with the pattern. Multiple patterns can post to the same suspense account. If no pattern in the list matches a transaction’s description, the transaction will post to the default suspense account exactly as it did prior to this release.

Rent transactions can post to a greater set of accounts.

  • A rent transaction’s revenue account was restricted in prior versions to accounts under /ACCOUNT/SALES. This release lets you select any account; i.e. any account under /ACCOUNT.

RGI Review Dates

  • RGI items now have a Review Date column and a Review Reason column, as shown below. Also, notice the blue account table now displays the effective RGI item’s description.

Behavior Changes

  • Underlines improved on reports.When printing reports, underlined amounts required an extra line. With this release, amounts can be underlined on the same line; that is without using a separate report line for the underline. This works whether printing a report to Excel or directly to the printer.
  • Manuals and help are now provided in your web browser.Before this release the manual, dynamic help and several reports were displayed in temporary Windows compiled help (*.chm files). With this release the manual and help are displayed in your default browser. Several related displays and reports such as the auto-reconcile report are now also displayed in your browser.

    As it is no longer necessary to include manuals in NewViews updates, update downloads are significantly smaller.

  • RGI subsidy calculation rounding improved.During an RGI subsidy calculation, rounding was performed too early. This release fixes the problem.
  • Change to rent transaction additional charges.You can now enter negative values in additional charges when generating a rent transaction.
  • The Tools>Create Transactions>Rent Register command would stop on the first error.This release will skip errors and report them as a list at the end.
  • Prior to this release, RGI Summary and RGI Detail views of the blue member/tenant table displayed numbers re-calculated in a manner that respected the configured Preview Date. Also true for a rent transaction run.This was done to respect the changing ages of the children, which can change the RGI calculation. User feedback indicated that a better solution is to ignore the month to month age changes. A child’s age is now computed using the RGI item’s Effective Date, not the configured Preview Date.

    RGI Summary and RGI Detail views of the blue member/tenant table now display numbers from the RGI item selected by using the configured Preview Date, without re-calculation. Again, also true for a rent transaction run.

Problems/Bugs Fixed by this Release

  • Had problem importing old ROE codes from NV1.This release fixes the problem.
  • Mail merge had problem generating form letters.The settings for creating a mail merge were behaving improperly for defaulted values. This release fixes the problem.
  • Print and consolidation prompts did not do percent substitutions.The print and consolidation prompts did not do percent substitutions at all. So %_name, %_description and %_clock subsitutions were added to them in this release. Note that print detail windows use the Print>All prompt.
  • Allocation tag counts were reported incorrectly.Transaction allocation tag usage counts were reported incorrectly. This release fixes the problem.
  • Attempt to change audit trail field changes resulted in a crash.If you attempted to edit the field list table in the detail pane of an audit record, the NewViews workstation crashed with a general protection fault. This release fixes the problem.
  • The user option Reconcile Safety did not function properly when the option value was entered in upper case.This release fixes the problem.
  • In a household with multiple “Child of Household” tenants who are receiving income, the rules applied were to the sum instead of to each individual.This release fixes the problem by applying the rules to each child individually.
NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.31.1
Released March 31, 2017

This is a service pack for version 2.31.

Backup reminder prompt has an abort button

  • The backup reminder prompt may appear when exiting NewViews. At that time you could backup the database and exit, or skip the backup and exit. Now you have a third option which lets you simply return to NewViews; i.e. abort the exit altogether.

Rent Receipts Updated

  • Several small changes were made to rent receipts, including an important bug fix (transactions dated on the last day of the month were missed). Other changes include improved prompt help and field validation. Also, the print run no longer stops on the first error. Instead, it skips errors and continues, but accumulates a list of error accounts which are reported in an error window at the end of the batch.
  • Rent Receipts has also been updated to function on discontguous blocks (i.e. individual items selected with a control mouse-click, and groups of items selected with shift mouse-click or shift up/down arrow).

Move In/Out Tools Updated

  • Several small changes were made to move in/out. Prompt help and field validation have been improved. A notify prompt window will now appear when a member/tenant is being moved with a prompt configured to omit financial transactions, and a confirm prompt window will now appear when the prompt is configured to create financial transactions.

Mail Merge Improvements

  • Mail merge for interacting with members/tenants relating to RGI and other residency issues has been simplified. For example, the five views of RGI for members/tenants that display mail merge information now each have their own group of mail merge settings, offering only the setup and templates that correspond to the view selected. Also, the groups of settings are now pre-populated with the “usual suspects” making it easier to get started with mail merge.

Work Order Template Updated

  • This release includes a new Work Order template has a field for the Submitted By Member/Tenant.

Behavior Changes

  • Retotaling restrictions are not affected by empty-date transactions.Transactions are protected by the user’s transaction edit date range options, with begin and end dates defining an allowed range. Transactions dated outside the edit date range cannot be changed or deleted (with minor exceptions such as they can still be reconciled, for example). An additional restriction was that you could not retotal an account that had any transactions outside the allowed edit date range.

    The change in this release is that you can retotal an account if the only transactions outside the edit date range are transactions with empty dates. Note that it was already allowed to change the date of a transaction from non-empty to empty, or the reverse, as long as the non-empty date in question was within the edit date range. So this release simply makes account retotaling retrictions more consistent with the restrictions on editing transactions.

  • MS Word’s error for field mismatches between the template and NewViews data is awkward so it has been replaced by a pre-check by NewViews. This allows more graceful error handling with an explanation of the problem and guidance on how to correct it.
NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.31
Released February 24, 2017

This is a version change, resetting the service pack number to zero. After installing this version, each workstation, server, or application database is automatically processed the first time you open it. You will be asked for confirmation before any processing is performed and, as a precaution, a backup is made automatically before each conversion.

Member/Tenant Move Tools

  • Includes tools for moving members/tenants in, out, and internally.
  • Creates all necessary transactions involved in the move.

Print Rent Receipts

  • Creates rent receipts for a block of members/tenants. Includes simple and detailed print templates.

Problems/Bugs Fixed

  • The additional info string fields could not process quote or brace characters. These are the View>Additional Info Column>String Field>String 1-10 fields. They could display an error if quote or brace characters were entered.
  • Canadian EFT bank settings would not accept a Bank ID value of 0016 (i.e. HSBC).
NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.30.3
Released January 27, 2017

This is a service pack for version 2.30.

2017 US Payroll Update

  • Includes United States January 01, 2017 tax calculation updates for: Colorado, D.C., North Dakota, and Oregon.

Problems/Bugs Fixed

  • When operating NewViews with user option Prompt Window Style set to modern, editing a prompt field and dismissing the prompt did not commit the change, or a bug occurred.
  • Print>Account Ledgers>Advanced used for flows analysis could, in a very rare data condition, attempt to divide by 0.
  • Tools>Create Transaction>Create Invoice (backorder) caused a bug and terminated NewViews.
  • Pressing to select a Bill To or Ship To on a sales transaction before a customer is specified caused a bug and terminated NewViews.
NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.30.2
Released January 6, 2017

This is a service pack for version 2.30.

Problems/Bugs Fixed

  • Server connections were not disappearing as expected.This item only applies to NewViews running as a service. When a remote database was closed, the connection object was deleted as expected, but when the workstation crashed, or if it’s process was terminated, or if the physical connection was broken, the connection row on the server did not disappear. This problem was introduced with version 2.30 during improvements to services.

    This release fixes the problem.

NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.30.1
Released December 30, 2016

This is a service pack for version 2.30.

Problems/Bugs Fixed

  • Many settings prompts would revert to the default settings when converting to the previous version, i.e. to 2.30.0.Switching the prompt window style to/from classic/modern lost which set of options was active. After a user option change, the prompt would always launch on the “*** Default Settings ***”.

    Since the new user option for prompt window style defaults to modern in version 2.30, all prompt windows will launch onto the default settings.

    Many users are in the habit of launching a prompt and pressing to continue, expecting to use the last set of options selected. If you don’t notice that the set of options selected changed, then you can do things you had no intention of doing.

    This release fixes the problem.

NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.30
Released December 22, 2016

This is a version change, resetting the service pack number to zero. After installing this version, each workstation, server, or application database is automatically processed the first time you open it. You will be asked for confirmation before any processing is performed and, as a precaution, a backup is made automatically before each conversion.

2017 Payroll

2017 Payroll

  • Includes Canadian January 01, 2017 tax calculation update.All Canadian payroll users will require this version to process payroll after January 1st, 2017.
  • Includes United States January 01, 2017 tax calculation update.All United States payroll users will require this version to process payroll after January 1st, 2017. As of December 21, 2016 Publication 15 (Circular E), Employer’s Tax Guide is not available. This provisional 2017 USA payroll is based on Notice 1036.

New Prompt Display Styles

More than 60 prompt windows have been re-implemented to appear and operate more like native operating system dialog windows. New users will learn faster.

The default behavior is set for modern style prompts. Try them out for a while. If you really prefer the old style prompts then you can change your user option.

User Option - Always Collect Password

This user option causes a password to always be collected whenever the user opens the accounting database. Note that normally, i.e. when this option is not set, users only have to enter a password the first time they open a database from a particular workstation.

User Option - Always Backup at Logout

This user option forces the creation of a logout backup whenever the user logs out of the accounting database. Note that normally, i.e. when this option is not set, a logout backup is created only when the last user logs out of the database, and only if the previous logout and overnight backup are more than one day old.

Net Performance Command

The Help>Net Performance command reports throughput and latency for any active connection between a NewViews workstation and server

Server/Service Connection Monitor

The connection monitor displays a table of workstation/server connections.

EFT Canadian Payments Assoc. Standard 005

Prior to this release, the only bank id codes accepted where taken from a short list of the major Canadian banks, and a long list of credit unions. Any bank id that was not recognized caused an error.

This release will continue to process known bank id codes as before, but unknown codes will default to CPA Standard 005.

Canadian T5 Update

For 2016, the “Non-Eligible” dividend gross-up and dividend tax credit percentages decreased from 18% to 17% and 11.0169% to 10.5217% respectively. Non-Eligible dividends are dividends from CCPC’s who are subject to the small business tax rate.

Problems/Bugs Fixed

  • Payroll processing could go into an infinite loop.This only happened when multiple partition tags were used with payroll. This release fixes the problem.
  • Inadvertant bug when installing an update over a running NewViews.When installing an update you could get an error message if NewViews was currently running, advising you to shut NewViews and try again. However, the last previous release of NewViews inadvertantly reported an obscure internal error. This release fixes the problem.
  • The EFT file format for credit unions had a detail item record count that was incorrect.This release fixes the problem.
NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.29.3
Released October 4, 2016

This is a service pack for version 2.29.

Oregon Payroll Update

There was a minor correction for Oregon payroll for unmarried employees.

Problems/Bugs Fixed by this Release

Automatic overnight backup was not enabled for services.

In releases 2.29.0 and 2.29.1, overnight backup was not enabled for services. For all databases opened directly by a workstation or by a “regular” server (i.e. a server not running as a service), automatic overnight backup was always enabled. This release enables overnight backup for services as well.

NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.29.2
Released September 23, 2016

This is a service pack for version 2.29.

Edit assist on remote server

When you are on a server picking databases to be offered to users, it is helpful to select them from an explorer. When remote servers (accessing servers from workstaitons) were introduced, this feature was not allowed on the remotely viewed servers because it meant exploring the server computer directories from a client workstation (i.e. from a different computer). So you had to type in the application database path “manually”. There were both technical and security considerations involved in this issue.

The technical issue was addressed by creating a simple custom (non-Microsoft) explorer that can navigate a remote computer directory system directly (i.e. not through network drive mappings). The security issue was addressed because a remote server is password-protected.

2016 Payroll Update - Idaho

United States June 01, 2016 tax calculation updates.

Includes Idaho.

Problem/Bug Fixes

Bug handling problems for remote services fixed.

This issue applies only when running a NewViews server as a service in releases 2.29.0 and 2.29.1. When a bug occurred, it was necessary to un-install and re-install the NewViews service. All workstations with databases open on the service were also frozen until this was done.

This problem has been fixed. When a bug occurs in the service, connections will be dropped, but you can re-open databases without the need to shut down a workstation, or re-install the service.

NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.29.1
Released July 29, 2016

This is a service pack for version 2.29.

Bug Fixes

Fixes for a few minor glitches that became apparent after the release.

NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.29
Released July 27, 2016

This is a version change, resetting the service pack number to zero. After installing this version, each workstation, server, or application database is automatically processed the first time you open it. You will be asked for confirmation before any processing is performed and, as a precaution, a backup is made automatically before each conversion.


Attachments Views are used to manage attachment files, of any type, anywhere in a NewViews set of books. Attachment files of type PDF, Microsoft Office, photos, scanned images, etc. are all supported. Just like all items in NewViews (transactions, accounts, journals, reports, employees, etc.) have a Notes view, now all items can also have an Attachments view.

Improved Server Performance and Scalability

The preferred way to run a NewViews server is now to run it as a service. Running a server from the start menu (or command line using the -server option) has been deprecated. It has been retained for backward compatibility but can be considered to be a legacy feature.

Server Database Groups

Past versions allowed a server to offer a single list of databases. This version (2.29) introduces database groups so that the server can offer any number of different lists of databases. Each database group has a name, and that name can be specified on each workstation login row. Each database group can be individually protected by a password, which thus restricts access to individual database lists. So the server can offer a list of selected databases to one set of users without exposing that list to other sets of users.

July 2016 Payroll Update

Canada July 01, 2016 tax calculation updates.

Includes British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island.

Display Resize

Prior to this version, font sizing was achieved by rolling your mouse wheel with the key held down. This version (2.29) includes attachments and it was felt that a more accessible resize is required. The new menu commands to View>Display Resize and the new toolbar button were added for attachments and then extended to include all window types. Attachment images will shrink or zoom. For all other windows, the font is resized smaller or larger.

Option to Print Without Line Numbers

Line number columns are indispensable for knowing where you are and what you are doing. However, many users have asked for the ability to omit the column on printed output. This version (2.29) includes a new option on many prompts to include or omit the line number column.

Create PDF Files Directly via MS Office 2007(or newer)

Prior to this version, printing to PDF files required the installation of PDF Creator, a free, third party printer driver that “tricks” MS Office by capturing printed output and converting it to PDF format. Installing and maintaining a version of PDF Creator that is compatible with NewViews can be tedious.

This version (2.29) utilizes MS Office’s ability to directly create PDF files via external program control. NewViews now tests the version of MS Office you are using and if it is 2007 or newer then Office’s command to create a PDF file is called. For older versions of Office, PDF Creator is the only option and NewViews will continue to function as before.

Unit Maintenance and Work Order Management

NewViews can now track maintenance expenses per unit and manage work orders for maintenance activity.

Improved RGI Calculations

RGI calculations now respect a new RGI Type field. It’s values can be: HSA, ILM_2015, ILM_2016, Section95

A new RGI detail window tab allows for the entry of Final Adjustments that can increase or decrease rent.

The RGI detail window tabs for RGI Calc Summary and RGI Calc Detail have changed to incorporate the new RGI Type, Final Adjustments for rent, and suggestions from user feedback.

Problems/Bugs Fixed

  • Email / Security upgradeTransport Layer Security (TLS) technology for encrypted internet traffic has been through many versions in the past 20 years. The earlier versions (then named Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)) have been hacked by advancements in computer science and computer performance. In light of this, major internet users (banks and credit cards) and service providers are now refusing to interact with systems using older versions of TLS.This version (2.29) incorporates a (currently) globally accepted protocol (TLS 1.2).
  • Auto reconcile had an occasional problem importing.This problem appeared in 2.28.4 and this release fixes the problem.
  • NewViews Windows Service Installer – the Service Executable field was not persistent.The field value you enter in the Service Executable field of the NewViews Windows Service Installer was supposed to be persistent and you were supposed to be able to set a new value by picking from a list of previous values. Neither of these features worked properly for the Service Executable field in the previous release.
  • Some sessions marked crashed are now marked disconnected.When a workstation accessing a remote application database is unexpectedly terminated, say due to power outage or system crash, the current session in the application, which is on the server, was marked “crashed”. It is now instead marked “disconnected”. Note that the session is marked “closed” when properly shut, “crashed” if the server crashes, and “terminated” if the connection is explicitly deleted from the server’s table of connections.
NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.28.4
Released March 8, 2016

This is a service pack for version 2.28.

January 2016 Payroll Update

Includes United States Jan 01, 2016 tax calculation update for D.C., Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Find Column Value updated for auto selection

The Go to>Find Column Value command has been upgraded to include the ability to select the items found. This is a very useful aid to automatically match and select many rows for a Tools>Fill Column command or a Print>Block command, etc.

Manipulate column values with find/replace

A beta version of a new tool for manipulating column values is included in this release. We welcome feedback

Print Consolidation Analysis updated for detail budget columns

Print>Consolidation Analysis has been upgraded to allow the printing of budget columns (and variances) for every report contributing to a consolidation

Behaviour Changes

  • Automatic logout backups can be controlled or disabled.Logout backups were introduced in the prior release (2.28.3). Every database was backed up when the database was closed and for some, this was too often. With this release, a logout backup will be created only if the database has not been backed up by NewViews within a specified number of days, defaulting to 7 days. To control the number of days you can specify a -backup_logout_days x option on the command line. If you specify 0 days, the logout backup is disabled.The -backup_logout_days option can be set when you run either a workstation or a server. When you run a server, the command line option will apply to the server database and any application databases managed by the server. When you run a workstation, the command line option will apply to the workstation database and any application databases opened locally on the workstation.

    Note that overnight backups are always created for any database that is open at 3:00am, regardless of which other backups exist.

  • The logout backup reminder is independent of logout and overnight backups.The logout backup reminder now depends only on the backups created by the reminder or by backups created explicitly using the File>Backup command. In the prior release, the backup reminder also checked logout and overnight backups, and because logout backups had been created so often, the backup reminder rarely appeared.
  • Third party backup software warning.We have encountered user environments where backups are created automatically on a periodic basis by operating system or third-party backup software. If that software backs up open files then integrity could be lost in the backup copy and you will not discover this until it is too late; i.e. when you try to restore from a backup copy. Such software may work for applications that load and store files in one operation, not keeping them open, but they can be unsuitable for database-oriented products like NewViews.A second reason to use NewViews to create backups is that NewViews performs a low level integrity check (i.e. checksums) as it backs up. This results in the earliest possible detection of random overwrites of NewViews databases, and also ensures that backups never contain these overwrites. Otherwise random overwrites would be discovered only when attempting to recover, which is just about the worst possible time. Therefore, even if you use third-party backup software, we recommend that you create additional backups using NewViews.
  • When F3 is pressed to select an account, the column you are positioned in determines the sort order of the pick box. If you are positioned in an account name column then the pick box will launch sorted by name with its name column activated. If you are positioned in an account description column then the pick box will launch sorted by description with its description column activated.

Bug Fixes


NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.28.3
Released December 22, 2015

This is a service pack for version 2.28.

January 2016 Payroll Update

  • Includes the Canadian January 1, 2016 tax calculation update. All Canadian payroll users require this version to process payroll on or after January 1, 2016.
  • Includes the United States January 1, 2016, tax calculation update. All United States payroll users require this version to process payroll on or after January 1, 2016. As of December 15, 2015, Publication 15 (Circular E) Employer’s Tax Guide was not available. This provisional payroll update for 2016 is based on Notice 1036.

Behaviour Changes

  • Automatic logout backups are now created.

    NewViews now automatically backs up each database when the database is closed. When the database is local, the backup is always created when you log out. When the database is remote, the backup is created when the last user logs out. The backup has the same file name and folder location as the database being backed up, but has the file extension *.nv2_backup_logout. These backups are also created for workstation and server databases when they are closed.

  • Overnight backups are now created for all open databases.

    An overnight backup is a backup created at 3:00am. Prior to this release, overnight backups were only created for application databases open on a server. Now they are also created for all open databases whether local or remote on a server, and whether a database is an application database or a workstation or server database.

    Some users keep NewViews open “all the time”, rarely closing application databases, whether they are local or remote. If you rarely close a database then a logout backup (described above) is rarely created. The overnight backup takes up the slack in this case, ensuring that whether local or remote, and whether closed or left open, your current database will have less than a day of un-backed-up data.

    An overnight backup has the same file name and folder location as the database being backed up, but has the file extension *.nv2_backup_overnight.

    Note that you should still make backups using the database backup command and these backups should be taken off site. The overnight and logout backups make a copy of the database on the same disk as at the database itself, and therefore will not save the database from catestrophic hardware failure. The overnight and logout backups will reduce the amount of lost data for most types of failures but they do not provide an adequate general backup regimen by themselves.

  • Detection of bad blocks has been enhanced.

    Whenever NewViews backs up a database it looks for bad blocks and will not back up a database when bad blocks are detected. Now, because of overnight and logout backups which are automatically performed on a regular basis, bad blocks are detected sooner.

    The database utilities also have several checks that detect bad blocks, but although some users run database utilities on a regular basis, many others do not. In the past, bad blocks could therefore go undetected for indeterminate periods, and when the operating system file copy or third party backup programs are used to back up NewViews databases, they unfortunately are unable to detect bad blocks. The result is that the backups will contain the bad blocks and there will not be a clean recent backup copy from which to retore a database. That should no longer be the case because of the automatic overnight and logout backups which never allow bad blocks to propogate to backup copies.

    Note that you should still make backups using the file backup command and these backups should be taken off site. The overnight and logout backups make copies on the same site as the original database, and therefore will not save the database from catestrophic hardware failure. The automatic overnight and logut backups will reduce the amounts of lost data for some failures but do not provide an adequate backup regimen by themselves.

  • Auto-reconcile matching improved.

    The auto-reconcile command matching algorithm has been upgraded. In addition to matching the amounts, if a NewViews ledger item has a reference filled in, it is matched against potential check numbers or other text such as a statement item description. Although such matching was performed in prior versions, it has been extended, and the priority and order in which matching is performed has been modified. The result is more accurate matching of statement items to ledger items.

  • The file date/time for nv2.exe is the release date and version.

    Suppose the current NewViews release is That is, the version is 2.28, the patch level is 4, and the release date is Dec 14, 2015. The nv2.exe file will have the date Dec 14, 2015 and the time 02:28:04 so you can identify what version NewViews is just by looking at the executable file date/time using a file explorer or command prompt. If your file explorer doesn’t display seconds (i.e. displays only to the closest minute), then right-click on the file and select Properties. The properties window displays three dates, all to the closest second, and the one of interest here is the Modified date.

  • Table row striping is now a higher contrast.

    Alternating table rows are striped with a more noticeable contrast making it easier to follow across a row on the wider screens.

  • Final results of RGI calculations are rounded to the nearest whole dollar.

  • RGI calculation description now includes a section for tenant/member signatures.

  • Subsidy calculation information for market rent units is no longer displayed in the RGI calculation description.

Bug Fixes

  • Total to graph and semiloop search tools could not display amounts.

    Setting the display amount option in total graph or semiloop search commands could result in an error. This release fixes the problem.

  • The database_template_import script had an error when importing employees.

    The database_template_import script had an error when exporting and importing employee accounts. This only happened when the employee check box was set and only when the employee had certain fields filled in. This release fixes the problem.

  • Warning: You are about to install over a NEWER version of NewViews.

    When installing NewViews you might be warned that you are about to install over a newer version of NewViews and you are asked to confirm. This most likely happened if you re-installed the same version of NewViews. In most cases this warning is bogus. When the NewViews installation file is downloaded, the downloaded file may be given the current system date of the download computer instead of retaining the date it started with on the source computer. The problem descibed here is related to this date change. The problem first appears in version 2.28.0 which introduced automatic installation from the server.

    This release fixes the problem.

  • Caseware export had a general protection fault after the export finished.

    The export would succeed but then a general protection fault would occur after the final notify message. This only occurred in Windows versions 8 and 10. This release fixes the problem.

  • The command Edit>Default Values>Set () for a budget value table column corrupted workstations.

    This command was never intended to function on budgets and it was an omission to prevent it. In this release attempting to set the default value of a budget will cause an error.

NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.28.2
Released June 30, 2015

This is a service pack for version 2.28.

Minimum Rent Field

Rent Geared to Income (RGI) now supports Minimum Rent. If the default provincial minimum rent does not apply to your organization, you may enter your own value on a Tenant by Tenant basis.

Utilities Override Field

The utilities calculation for each unit affects the unit’s subsidy amount. If the unit’s utilities settings can not be set to match a unit’s physical equipment, you may now override the calculated utility subsidy.

Overnight Backup

Any server that is running at 3:00 AM will create a backup of each application database open on that server. Only a single backup is kept for each database and each new overnight backup replaces the previous overnight backup. The overnight backup has the same file name and is created in the same folder as the database being backed up. Only the file type (extension) is different – .nv2_backup_overnight instead of just .nv2.

Auto-Reconcile Updates

Auto-reconcile matches against OFX files exported from your bank’s web application in the QuickBooks OFX export format. Some banks have slightly different OFX formats and the auto-reconcile feature is being continually updated to address these anomalies.

Here are the banks for which updates are included in this release:

Scotia Bank, HSBC Bank of Canada, Seacoast National Bank, Waycross Bank & Trust.

Auto-Reconcile Improved Matching

When multiple ledger items have the same amount and match the same statement item, previous versions of auto-reconcile matched against the ledger item with the closest date prior to the statement item date. But in some circumstances this is not sufficient. Suppose you write recurring checks with the same amount, say 100.00, to some vendor. The checks all have the same amount and date and on the ledger they will sort in the order created. But on the bank statement they will be sorted in the order cashed. This situation can be improved upon by attempting to match the statement item and ledger item references. This release does this and should have a higher probability of matching the checks in the previous scenario.

July 2015 Payroll Update

  • Canada July 01, 2015 tax calculation updates:
    Includes British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Yukon.
  • United States July 01, 2015 tax calculation updates:
    Includes Hawaii and Idaho

Behaviour Changes

  • The manual font size responds to the font size button.
    The default manual font size is no longer fixed and may not appear the same size that you were used to in the past. However, the font size now changes when you click the font size button (button with a capital A) so you can choose the size you want. When you change the size it affects all manual windows from then on, until you change it again. Manual pages will also print at the size selected using the font button.
  • Version 2.28.0 introduced an automatic column resize whenever the sort order of a table changed. This was done to eliminate cases where the chevron (^, ^^, v, vv) was clipped by a narrow column and could not be seen. Many users found the extra column resize annoying. This release still auto resizes but only the sort order column is resized and only when the chevron can’t be seen.
  • The F9 key, when pressed on a ledger item to auto-navigate to the journal entry, selected the order_created index for the transaction’s distribution details. Some users found this disorienting and/or annoying. The bevaviour in this release will instead select the Line index for the transactions’s distribution details.
  • Version 2.28.0 changed the interpretation of a user’s transaction edit date range. Some auditors were concerned that an empty dated transaction could be entered by a restricted date range user. Several unintended consequences were discovered by users so, until the problem is better understood, this release removes this change (i.e. empty dated transactions are not prohibited for restricted date range users.

Bug Fixes

  • The special password “locksmith” didn’t work on workstations.
    The special password “locksmith” is entered to regain access to a worksatation in the case the password has been forgotten. In versions 2.28.0 and 2.28.1 locksmith didn’t work but it has been fixed in this release. Note that the “locksmith” was broken only for workstations and not when used to recover entry into a set of books.
  • Turning the indexes on for a branch journal did not work.
    This occurs when you change the Transactions Indexed field on a journal. This problem was introduced by a relatiuely recent release and this release fixes it.
  • Processing of very large payrolls could cause memory overflow.
    Memory overflow could occur during the processing of a payroll if the payroll had more than about 200 employees. This was not caused by a memory leak, but instead by an overly-zealous internal database dependency rule. This rule was slightly relaxed and as a result payrolls of unlimited size can be processed without the danger of memory overflow.
  • Database template import skipped a few fields.
    The database_template_import.qw_script imports a template exported using the database_template_export.qw_script. A few fields that were exported were not imported due to a bug in the import script. The most important of these fields were an account’s address email and website fields, several of a user’s options, and also several fields of less importance.
  • Newly created application databases were missing the folder setting for several types of accounts. Account folders were not visible in database explorer, unless manually set to type folder by the user.
  • Print>Checks and Print>AP Checks commands failed when executed on a Purchase Invoice. This is commonly done is a cash accounting situation where there is no AP account to credit, so a BANK account is credited.
  • The list of Credit Unions that can be selected for EFT was incomplete.
  • It was not possible to manually type a credit union code for BANK EFT setup.
  • A Print command executed on a transaction’s notes failed.
  • A handful of users reported that a full access rights login suddenly switched to read only mode. Since read only access rights, specified per access point, was introduced in version 2.28.0, it was assumed to be a mistake in version 2.28.0.
    However, it was determined the bug was caused by a small bit of corruption in the workstation that was discovered by the new feature. This release will detect and auto-correct the corruption.
  • A handful of users experienced a payrun settings bug that crashed NewViews.
    Payrun settings identify many accounts that will be posted to (e.g. bank account). The accounts are selected from a pick box and the pathname of each account is displayed. It was possible to actually edit the pathname of a selected account and this would put NewViews in a state where a crash would later occur. This release makes it impossible to edit the pathname, and if a “corrupted” field value is detected it will be cleared automatically and you will have to re-select the appropriate account.
NewViews for Non-Profit Housing Version 2.28
Released April 20, 2015

This is a version change, resetting the service pack number to zero. After installing this version, each workstation, server, or application database is automatically processed the first time you open it. You will be asked for confirmation before any processing is performed and, as a precaution, a backup is made automatically before each conversion.

RGI Calculator

The new Rent Geared to Income “RGI” Calculator can be used to calculate subsidies for members/tenants in housing complexes located in Ontario and BC. Subsidy calculations are based on information entered in the new RGI Info tabs, which store details for housing composition, income, utilties, additional charges, etc.

For provinces outside of Ontario and BC, the RGI Info tabs can still be used to maintain details on household composition and any additional housing charges.

Entering details in the new RGI Info tabs for all members/tenants (regardless of province) also enables NewViews to create rent roll transactions automatically and to print personalized forms and notices.

Personalized Forms and Notices

NewViews for Non-profit Housing now provides 9 new templates for RGI related forms and notices. These templates can be customized and merged with information in member/tenant accounts (including the new RGI Info tabs) to produce personalized forms and notices.

Auto Reconcile

The auto-reconcile feature is a powerful, time-saving tool that enables you to use downloaded files from external organizations such as banks and credit card providers to reconcile ledger items in your books.

EFT for Pre-authorized Deposits (PAD)

NewViews has enabled you to process payments to vendors by EFT (electronic funds transfer) for a number of years. Now, you can also receive EFT payments from customers, donors, tenants, etc., using Pre-authorised Deposits or PAD.

January 2015 Payroll

Includes United States January 01, 2015 tax calculation updates for: Connecticut, D.C., Indiana, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Vermont.

Remote Server Access

Prior to this release, you had to physically access the server computer to monitor NewViews server activity (e.g. connections), or to modify the table of databases offered by the server.

Now, a server can offer itself to workstations just like application databases, which means you can observe and control server activity from any workstation.

Auto-update Workstations

You are now able to upgrade workstations automatically from the NewViews server. This means that whenever a new version of NewViews is released, you only have the upgrade the server. Any workstation logging into the server will then automatically be upgraded to the same version.

Note: You will have to install NewViews version 2.28 manually on the server AND all workstations the first time in order for this new feature to take affect. After that, all workstations will update automatically from the server.

Personalized Forms and Notices

NewViews for Non-profit Housing now provides 9 new templates for RGI related forms and notices. These templates can be customized and merged with information in member/tenant accounts (including the new RGI Info tabs) to produce personalized forms and notices.

Run NewViews as a Windows Service

You can now run a NewViews server as a Windows Service. This means that the NewViews server will launch when the computer is booted and will re-launch after any crash or re-start. As a result, the NewViews server will always be running (except when the server computer itself is down), without the need for direct access.

Simplified Define Columns Prompt

The Define Columns prompt box that appears when you double click the heading of a column (or press F11) has been simplified. This makes it more straightforward to change the date range for a column.

Read Only User Rights

Many NewViews users have requested the ability to grant read-only access rights to selected sections of the books, while granting read-write access to others. This option is now available with NewViews version 2.28.

By default, all user access items are set to read/write. To change a user’s access rights to Read Only, simply enter in the Rights field.

Print Notes

The information on any Notes view can now be printed via your browser. You can issue the Print command on any Notes view to create an html file that can be opened in your browser and saved and/or printed.

You can also issue the new Print>Notes command on any table that has a notes tab. This will do the same thing as printing from the notes view, i.e. create an html file that can be opened in your browser. However, this command can also be used to print notes for multiple items. In this case, you mark the items in a block and issue Print>Notes to print notes for all items in the block. Notes for individual items will be separated by a page break.

EFT for National Bank and credit unions

EFT payments and deposits are now supported for the National Bank and credit unions.

Simplified Amount Column Setup

Two new toolbar buttons make it easier to manage columns on tables of accounts.

The first button is for adding new columns, and the second is for deleting columns. NOTE: do not delete a column unless you know how to add it back, in case you change your mind.

Behaviour Changes

  • A NewViews server restarts automatically when a bug occurs.In the past when a bug occurred on the server, an error message appeared on the server computer and the server was shut down when the message was dismissed. From this release forward, the server will not display a message for a bug, but will simply shut down and automatically restart.Automatic server restart applies only to internal bugs. Regular user errors do not shut the server down. Also, normal server shutdown using the File>Shutdown command, or by clicking the button in the upper right corner of the main server window, do not cause an automatic restart. Finally, NewViews might not be able to restart the server under more serious circumstances, such as when a general protection fault occurs or when a user terminates the server process from the task manager.When a bug occurs in the server, workstations are notified that their connections have been terminated. However, because the server restarts automatically, it should be possible to reopen the databases immediately.
  • database_template_export/import scripts test for semiloops.The database_template_export script now places a field in the template file indicating whether or not the source database allowed semiloops. Then the database_template_import script checks that field before importing anything. If the target database does not allow semiloops then the source database cannot allow them either. Quite a while ago, semiloops were deprecated. NewViews does not allow semiloops to be introduced into a database that doesn’t already have them. Prior to this release, the database_template_import script detected the semiloops eventually. Now, an error message appears immediately, before anything is imported.
  • Database utilities checks run faster.The first eight checks in database utilities run much faster. The ninth and tenth checks are improved only slightly.
  • When duplicating transactions you can now change the date.Previously, the Tools>Create Transactions>Duplicate command made an exact copy of the original transaction (with some ability to control reference incrementing). When you wanted to duplicate a transaction but have a different date on the duplicates, you would create the duplicates and then change their dates, generally using the Tools>Fill Column command.Now you can change the transaction date for the duplicates in the prompt box BEFORE the duplicates are created. This ability also applies to the order date, if relevant.
  • Print operations that are able to direct output to email can now use the Email Status option when the Destination is something other than email.Prior to this version, the email status value was “frozen” unless the output destination was email. This made it impossible to print documents only for recipients that had no email address, for example. Now, no matter what the destination is, the email status can be used to control recipient selection.
  • Mouse wheel events are now passed to the window under the mouse.In prior releases, mouse wheel events scrolled the window with keyboard focus (i.e. the “active” window that gets keystrokes when you type). This seemed unnatural and counterintuitive. Now you can scroll any NewViews window that’s under the mouse, including the one with keyboard focus.
  • Mouse wheel events are now processed by all scrollable windows.Many small, pop-up style windows and “combo-box” windows did not respond to the mouse wheel. For example, print and tool prompts can have multiple option setups and the list is accessed via the Current Settings list button. The pop-up list can now be scrolled with the mouse wheel.
  • The mouse wheel is now less aggressive.Mouse wheel scrolling moved the window too much, which could be disorienting. A prior release eased off on table scrolling from a page at time to one line at a time. Now the other windows (trees, notes, etc.) scroll more smoothly.
  • The right mouse wheel (horizontal scrolling) should now function properly in all circumstances.The right mouse wheel scrolls the window left or right. Prior releases moved tables several columns at a time, which could be disorienting. Now tables are scrolled one column at a time. Some windows were not responding to right mouse wheel and now they all are.
  • The shift mouse wheel combination has been added for horizontal scrolling with a single wheel mouse.For mice that don’t have a right wheel, hold down the shift key and scroll the wheel.
  • Microsoft Word templates are now preprocessed by NewViews and checked for consistency with the merge data file.When using the NewViews Tools>Mail Merge feature, it was possible to encounter a confusing series of prompts and error messages when the template contained fields that were not in the corresponding data file. By preprocessing the template and comparing it to the merge data file, it is possible for NewViews to report a simple error detailing the problems before the merge proceeds.
  • Attempts to shutdown a server with active connections now requires confirmation.Prior to this release, closing a server by closing the top-level window, issuing a File>Exit command, or pressing would save and then close all open databases, terminating all connections. This release does all of the above, but only after bringing the number of active connections to your attention and asking for confirmation to proceed. This ensures that you do not close the server unintentionally.
  • Sales (revenue) invoices can now have “tax-only” detail items.Some companies require the ability to add invoice items that do not post to any accounts other than tax. For example, a shipping company that charges shipping fees plus an additional tax based on the value of the shipment requires tax-only transaction items.
  • When switching from report to report, accounts are now automatically sorted by the Line number column.Some users sorted reports, often by accident, by the Name or Description column, and then didn’t know how to “get the report back”. Generally, there is no benefit to sorting a report by anything other than Line, which enables you to control where each account is positioned or repositioned using Block>Move. As such, NewViews now ensures that the report is sorted by line number whenever you navigate to a report. Users who have reports that are periodically sorted by some column other than line number can still do so (but see the next behavior change).
  • When changing the sort order of a report to something other than the Line number column, a confirm prompt will appear.This change is related to the behavior change above. It is intended to prevent novice users from accidently changing the sort order of a report without realizing what they are doing.
  • Transactions that have no date are now controlled by the user’s Transaction Edit date range.Throughout NewViews, an empty date is treated as an “infinite” date (i.e. an undetermined date in the future). Transactions with empty dates are not captured by any report or account history views, unless the date range has no set end date. Empty dated transactions offer several conveniences to experienced users, so they will always be allowed, However, you can now prevent users from entering them by setting a Transaction Edit date range in the user’s options.
  • Table columns now automatically resize to fit the data when the sort order changes, whether the auto-fit option on or off.The column by which a table is sorted is indicated by a bold column title and a single or double chevron in the column header. When auto-fit was turned off, it was possible to sort the table and cause the chevron to be hidden (i.e. the column was no no longer wide enough for it to be displayed in the header). This made it difficult to identify the sort order at a glance. As such, a “hard” auto-fit is performed to ensure the chevron can be seen.
  • Transaction Ref # values can now be encoded in PDF file names when printing.This feature only works in conjunction with an account name substituion using %_name. See Output File Names for more.
  • Print>Account Ledgers>Advanced now has an option to include or omit boomerang transactions.

Bug Fixes

  • The database utilities block pointer check had a bug.The database utilities block pointer check worked fine when no database problems were detected, but threw an inadvertent error (a bug) when attempting to report actual problems found in the database.
  • Table item selection is no longer hyper-sensitive when clicking the left mouse button while holding down the control key.Blocks of table items can be marked by activating an “anchor” cell and then using the up and down arrow keys while holding down the shift key. Blocks can also be marked by activating an “anchor” cell and then moving the mouse while holding down the left mouse button and the control key. Individual items can be marked with a left mouse button while holding down the control key. In the individual item select case in prior releases, any mouse movement within a cell was incorrectly interpreted to mean “extend the block to the anchor”. This hyper-sensitive behavior often obliterated a lot of previous effort to select exactly the right items.
  • Print T4A incorrectly demanded a recipient first and last name when the recipient type was not individual.
  • User Additional Info strings and dates were not being included in the data file used for Tools>Mail Merge.
  • Problems related to missing T4 and T5 reporting box numbers have been corrected.
  • Tools for charging interest to accounts with unpaid balances had an arithmetic underflow when computing interest for one cent.
  • Some files created for EFT transfer had an extra new-line character at the end of the file.
  • The Hold Invoice Indicator Text comparison with invoice descriptions was case sensitive and causing some confusion. The text is now case insensitive.
  • A problem has been fixed that prevented a multi-page PDF file from being created in the middle of a batch run to create many files.
  • Block>Paste for journal transactions and ledger postings would not paste empty dated transactions. Now empty dated items will post without error (user rights respected).
  • Problems re-parenting journal folders have been corrected.