Normally I run NV1, full-screen on a 24-inch monitor using Windows XP, 32 bit.

I have been “testing” NV1 with Windows Vista 32 bit and have achieved a little success in having it fill the screen on a 17-inch laptop.

I can fill the screen entirely from top to bottom (and then some). From left to right, the program comes within a half-inch on each side of completely filling the screen. I am assuming this would work proportionately on a larger screen.

I selected the NV1 Screen “Size” option on the NV Menu to 43/50 as HMah suggested.

I then shut NV1 down and opened the properties of the program icon.
Under “Font,” I selected a “Size” of “36” and changed “Raster Fonts” to “Lucida Console.”

Because the 43/50 screen size puts some account lines below the bottom of the screen, one has to scroll down to pick up everything. However, Vista provides a sidebar for that purpose and that sidebar can be used with a mouse to scroll.

The next “Lucida Console” font option above 36 is 72. When selecting 72, it fills the screen entirely with NV1 but you can see only a small portion of the program. A size somewhere between 36 and 72 would probably fill the entire screen.

I have only been toying with this and do not know what all the negatives are. One is that the screen is not placed in the same position each time you open the program.

I do not have a printer and DOSPRN hooked up to the laptop so I do not know how printing would be affected,if at all. If you print to screen, the resulting printout is a smallbox.

I have toyed with trying DOSBOX, but have yet to do that. A few months back, I think Martin said he might give it a try but there does not seem to be anything posted. Maybe there are not that many Vista folks actually wanting a full screen?