2 Items:

– You can make the NV2 Server start automatically at boot by copying the NV2 Server icon from the Start menu to C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorStart MenuProgramsStartup.

– Norton AV (and, perhaps ofther AV software) can hamper the server considerably. With Norton you must mess with the settings (I forget which ones, firewall I think) to consider NV2 a trusted application and the speed difference is immediately noticable.

One last thing. JLeotta wrote:

>A few days ago I called QW support because NVEXPORT was hanging and I was told
> to set the properties of the NV1 shortcut to full screen, set the idle
> sensitivity to lowest, and place some object on the key during the export.
> This was a great solution since it cut my export time by 1/3 and removed the
>hanging problem. This needs to be included in the documentation for NVEXPORT so
>that others don’t have to waste so much time finding it for themselves and reduce
>the calls to QW support.

This is in the on-line manual. At: NewViews 2.08 Manual > Appendix C – NV1 Users > Converting NV2 to NV2 > Exporting NV1 Data > Exporting the NV1 Books you will see:

To complete the export from NV1 in the shortest possible time, NewViews should be running in full screen mode. This is because Windows will give more CPU time to a DOS application running in full screen mode than if it was running in a window.

The command to set a DOS window to full screen is (i.e. while holding down the key press the key.) The same command will restore the window back to its original size.

Once the NVEXPORT procedure is running, and you have switched to full screen, place a small light object (like a stapler) on the key of the keyboard. By keeping the key pressed, Windows will give nearly 100% of the CPU resources to NewViews.

Without the key depressed, the NVEXPORT procedure could run for days or even weeks.