No there is no report in NV1 that will print out. There is the VIEWREC procedure that you can use to view how a particular account was ATYPED. Issue /GR VIEWREC and press enter and then press press F3 (/A to display all accounts if all account by name is not displayed), type in your account name and press enter. You will notice a record something like:

666666666 14 .nplclass BANK

The above line in record 666666666 of the account has been atyped as a bank account.

There is a procedure called TATYPE which atypes all accounts totaling to an account. It is especially useful in books that have a lot of consolidated reports. See the NV2 user manual > Appendix B – NV1 users > Converting NV1 to NV1 > Exporting NV1 data > Identifying account types.

To speed up the NV1 import process time, set the begin full detail date to 20060101 which will compress all transactions in the books. This way you can view the results of your ATYPE’ing quicker than importing all transactions and waiting.

A drag and drop feature of moving accounts from one folder to another and/or changing the account types is on the wish list for NV2. It will be added in a future release.


Martin Schappler
Customer Support