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    Will it be necessary to to do this to all acounts ?
    Won’t the original structure in NV1 transfer to NV2 so my views will be the same even if all accounts haven’t been typed. Can the type of account be edited in NV2 ?


    You can block all accounts of the same type and then run ATYPE and press enter on the appropriate account type.

    Accounts that have not been ATYPE’d come in to NV2 as type General.

    If you have many reports that are profit and loss reports that total to a consolidated Profit and Loss report, you can go to the consolidated P&L and block all Revenue accounts and then issue /Go runProc (/GR) TATYPE which is the equivalent to ATYPE but it works on total accounts. Repeat this for expense accounts.

    The original structure will come into NV2 if the accounts have not been ATYPE’d (under Reports). It is important to ATYPE the accounts properly to show the proper Sales, Expense, Receivable, Payable, Cost of Goods Sold, Employee, General accounts.


    Can the type of account be edited in NV2 ?


    You can change the type of account in NV2 only if the account has no postings in it.


    Will ATYPE pick up the closed accounts regardless of where the accounts are located when you block the consolidated item?

    Lets say you have an account called TE.T which is the Total of all program expenses on the consolidated report. If we block just this one account will it correctly define all the expense accounts which total to TE.T regardless where they are located?


    ATYPE works on posting accounts only. The TATYPE procedure works on total accounts and it will correctly mark all posting accounts that total to it regardless of where they are located. In your example, all expense accounts that filter to the TE.T account will be marked as expense accounts.


    Thanks Kirk:

    Obviously anyone who uses a consolidated statement should use the TATYPE to save time. Same applies to Balance Sheet Total accounts.


    By TATYPE’ing the “Total Revenue (Sales)” account on a consolidated Income Statement
    you will ATYPE all accounts totalling to “Total Revenue (Sales)” as Revenue accounts, no
    matter where they are in the books (a tremendous time saver). Run TATYPE again on the
    “Total Expense” account on a consolidated Income Statement and all expense accounts
    in the books will be typed “Expense”.

    You should then ATYPE the employee accounts last (because many or all of the employee accounts
    will have been incorrectly ATYPE’d as expenses). If you forget to ATPYE the employee accounts
    they will be converted automatically to type Employee, but the NV1 to NV2 import will take longer.


    ATYping is confusing me. Am I correct in saying that any account that is marked as general needs to be atyped



    You would only ATYPE/(TATYPE) accounts that are NOT general.

    Any account that is not ATYPED is assumed to be general.

    An accounts mistakenly ATYPEd as AP, BANK, or something else, can be ATYPEd to GENERAL if it is not one of the other types.


    We have a work in process report (job costing) that we post to thru a/p. We break down every component of our home building. I don’t know where this would be typed to? It is an asset item on the b/s .
    Also when we close out the job cost report to cost of sales – what do I type the “cost of sales” as?


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    I would select the Asset for work in progress (is no asset category, select inventory) and Expense for cost of goods.

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    Some of our sets of books are postivively labyrinthine, going back to the 80’s, with lots of retired journals and about 8,000 accounts.

    Is there a report I can generate showing me all my accounts and what I have ATYPED them to before I convert?

    It would be great to have a way to double-check my work before what will most likely be a week-long import/conversion process. I would hate to have to go through the whole conversion again, because I had mistyped a few of our 8,000 accounts, and once I’m in NV2 I can’t change their typing.

    On that subject, are there plans for enabling us to change the ATYPE of an account that already has postings in it, at some point in the future? That kind of flexibility – that currently allows us change any transaction, account name, account normal balance, report structure, and so forth – is a NV signature. Can it apply to Atypes as well?!?


    No there is no report in NV1 that will print out. There is the VIEWREC procedure that you can use to view how a particular account was ATYPED. Issue /GR VIEWREC and press enter and then press press F3 (/A to display all accounts if all account by name is not displayed), type in your account name and press enter. You will notice a record something like:

    666666666 14 .nplclass BANK

    The above line in record 666666666 of the account has been atyped as a bank account.

    There is a procedure called TATYPE which atypes all accounts totaling to an account. It is especially useful in books that have a lot of consolidated reports. See the NV2 user manual > Appendix B – NV1 users > Converting NV1 to NV1 > Exporting NV1 data > Identifying account types.

    To speed up the NV1 import process time, set the begin full detail date to 20060101 which will compress all transactions in the books. This way you can view the results of your ATYPE’ing quicker than importing all transactions and waiting.

    A drag and drop feature of moving accounts from one folder to another and/or changing the account types is on the wish list for NV2. It will be added in a future release.


    Martin Schappler
    Customer Support

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