It sounds as if the workstation.nv2 file is damaged on the 3rd machine. Open windows explorer on your system and navigate to the NV2 folder (if NV2 is installed in C:NV2 on your local C drive) and rename the workstation.nv2 file and look for a workstation backup file. A workstation backup is created when updating from one version to another and takes the form of workstation.nv2_backup_of_version_XXX – where XXX is the version number.

Look for a file called workstation_20101103xxxxxx.nvYYY_backup where xxxxxx is a system time and yyy is the NV2 version number. The 20101103 is the system date backup which I have assumed here to be November 3, 2010.

Right mouse click on the backup file and select copy and then right mouse click Paste which will bring in a copy of the file name. Rename this Copy of file name to workstation.nv2 and then double click on the workstation icon and then convert the workstation file when prompted. If this workstation produces the same problem then repeat the steps above and choose an older workstation backup.

If there are no workstation backups then remove the current workstation.nv2 file and then double click on your workstation icon which will prompt you to create the workstation.nv2 file. Click Create and then close the displayed NV2 manual and insert your rows using the Insert key and select F3 under the file column to navigate to your application databases. Open the databases and select Setup when prompted to perform a default setup.

You could also copy the workstation.nv2 file from machines one and two to the NV2 folder on the 3rd machine.

I suggest that all users perform File > Backup at least daily from the workstation screen.

Regards to all,