Interesting observations:

I took the plunge to convert to NV2 about 18 months ago – 30 Companies 7 – 10 users. I converted very slowly so that we were not overwhelmed.

It has been sucessful but not without its problems it is amazing how some very obvious things are still not included. The interface takes a lot of getting used to – I can’t put my finger on why – but it does.

One interesting thing though is the effect it has had on my younger employees – they used to be so shocked that we were still using a DOS based accounting program. Consequently they approached it with all sorts of misconceptions and refused to recognise how good it was. Now that they have a GUI interface they love it!

NV2 is probably 2 – 3 away from prime time but having used many other accounting software I am so glad it exists and I was able to upgrade to it. I get the impression that the focus todate in QWpage has been about the engineering of the back end and hope that shortly more attention will be paid to the front end

I know there is a lot more under the hood in NV2 and look forward to it being opened up for use.