Others may have a different outlook and it would be nice if they would respond.

I consider NV1 as the best accounting system around and particularly like the versatility homegrown procedures offer. I have used it for 21 years now. I still have all the NV Journal publications that were put out by Q.W. Page, not to mention the printed manuals that came with the original purchase.

I tried NV2 after release and ran into myriad problems that just did not seem like they should have been there after fifteen years of conversion effort. Some of these were corrected before I signed off.

In the program, among other things, importing and exporting ala NV1 just was not there. I like the use of an autoexec procedure for automatic recurring postings. Something similar just does not exist in NV1.

I concluded NV2 would have to simmer for a long time before it measures up to NV1. I keep monitoring the releases and I may try it again in five years.

I did note to myself that NV1 up until about version 1.11, or so, had many problems. That version came eight years after the introduction of version 1.

NV1 also received the PC Magazine award of excellence in 1986. I have often wondered if PC Magazine has reviewed NV2.