Hi Martin

I think we are talking about 2 different things.

Lest take it to the simplest form.

Create 2 empty databases.

Create a balance sheet report in both databases and create a total account “retained earnings”

In one database create part of an income statement.

Create a report called IS
In this report create 3 total accounts

Net income ( total this to retained earnings on the balance sheet)
Total income ( total this to net income)
Total expense ( total this to net income)

2 income accounts totaling to “Total income”
2 expense accounts totaling to “Total expense”

Now block all, Block copy, copy, save to clipboard

Open the other empty database

Create a report called IS

Now block paste, load from clipboard and paste.

Nothing will total to the 3 total accounts on IS except “net income” will total to “retained earnings” on the balance sheet.

You can see how the block paste works on large reports that total to another report.

The accounts are created and then you see a message box that says “creating total to’s”, so the accounts are created first and then total to’s are filled in.

So the question becomes why is it that when you “block paste” the above example the “total to” column does not get filled in, except for the account that is on a different report.

I hope with this example you can see what I am talking about.