Hello Everyone,

Here is an update to this problem.

NV2 versions 2.09.X to 2.20.X had a script under Tools > Script evaluate under
nv2.exe/object/system/gui/desktop_create.qw_script which created a private desktop.

In the latest version (2.21.0 ) we have added Window > Private Desktop under the report Title Bar which runs the above script automatically thus providing a private desktop which allows one to have an independent report default settings from other reports. The problem is is that Window > Default Setup does not restore the Private Desktop back to a public setting (like the default settings of other reports).

To over come this, create a new report under NewViews > Report > Folder Management and then move the accounts from the source report to the target report by blocking the accounts under Accounts Setup using Tools > Fill Column and then remove the source report name. The target report will now act like the other report default setting.

Regards to All,