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    When I attempt to enter a budget amount from the GL report budget page, the program produces a Bug error and then exits the program.

    Is there a solution for this problem?


    Reproduce the Bug error and sent a screen shot of the error including the steps you did to produce the error and send the screen shot as an attachment to Include your NV2 serial number.

    To produce a screen of the error, have your NV2 books on your screen and move the error dialog within the NV2 screen and press the Print Screen key (this captures the screen to the windows clipboard). Click on your windows start button, accessories, paint. Within paint, either press the Ctrl key + V or from the paint menu, click Edit Paste. The screen shot will appear in paint. Save the file as a bmp file type and then attach this file to an email to

    Within your email text, explain how you produced this error.




    I don’t have time to produce a screenshot because the bug error report flashes on the screen and then the whole program returns me to the windows start up screen. It closes both the set of books and the workstation dialog box.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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