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    I’ve encountered a bug in the system and not sure how to fix.

    I posted a payment entry from the bank but the system is not pick up (carrying the amount) to the “Amount Total” column. But the expense got picked up.

    My book is now out of balance because the expense is posted on the IS, but not the payment on the BS.

    I was not able to delete this “problem” entry (row) and it kicked me out of the system. I was not able to get back into the book because it said something reporinting encountered a bug.

    Somehow the entry only got posted and processed one side and stuck but we couldn’t delete the entry.

    Please help.



    If you cannot enter your application database from your current workstation then I suggest that you restore a workstation backup and then enter the application database. If you do not have a workstation backup, rename your current workstation.nv2 file and then double click on your workstation icon on your desktop which will prompt you to create workstation.nv2. Click OK and then insert a new row on your new workstation and press F3 under the file column and select your application database.

    To solve your out of balance problem, I suggest you select the following:

    In version 2.15 select NVCheck > Repair > Account Histories

    In version 2.16 select Database Utilities > Reorganize > Account History

    Remember you need to select the correct application database to perform the above tasks on.

    I suggest that you download and install the latest version of NV2 which is 2.16.3 from or

    Regards to All,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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