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    I have the following error:

    .text {Could not commit /OBJECT/NEWVIEWS/SYSTEM/TRANSACTION/SALES/1195093258_220249.}
    /96a {
    .text {Attempted to commit a transaction that has no tags.}
    .help_id 271820050404141240

    I cannot move anywhere from where I am.
    I cannot exit Newviews.

    If I could go back to the transaction, I could fix it or delete it, but it is not possible.

    I will have to force closing the books.

    Randy Walton


    Have you recently created a new journal and not set the tag?
    Click on Journals +, Settings and ensure that the tag field is filled in. Normally it would be set to financial.


    I got the same ‘#”$%!”&*’ error again.

    The problem is that the error comes up only when trying to exit nv2. And all transactions in the session seem to be lost.

    This is not a new journal.

    I made a final test, after reopening the books. I entered one empty line in the journal. I tried exiting, and I got the error. I deleted the line, but the error persists.

    Then “Ctrl-Alt-Del”


    Are all Sales Journals tags set? Check Journals, Settings.

    Check System > Audit > path for any clues.

    Regards to All,



    Yes all tags where set.

    What I have done now is to create a new journal and I moved all transactions to the new journal. I now have deleted the old ones. So far it seeme to be working.


    I have been trying to explain what has happened.

    I will call “old journal” a journal created prior to 2.09 and “new journal” a journal created with 2.09.

    I was copying and pasting a transaction from an old journal to a new journal. This is how the error was triggered.

    But, if I copy and paste transactions from and old journal to another old journal, the error does not appear.

    Hope this ca help!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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