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    During the conversion, why does it not recognize the E=AV, making the Holiday Pay subject to deductions? The accounts in nv2 should say “Yes” to the deductions of EI,CPP and TAX. (No to Quebec unless the J=PQ).

    Same with the E=AV Holiday Held?

    It means going into every employee’s Holiday and Held line and editing the account setup. This could take considerable time.



    We have taken the stance that vacation pay is taxable at the time it is being paid not at the time it is being expensed/withheld. Most NV1 users have their vacation pay setup as E=YV (taxed when paid) and to prevent confusion we have continued this with payroll records that contained the E=AV paycodes.

    Yes. You can change the expense account as you had mentioned. Leave the withheld as is and set the vacation pay accounts to No.

    You and Bob have had some rather lengthy discussions about this issue (in the pre-release forumn) in the past and we believe this method solves more problems than it creates.




    The point is that if in NV1 holiday pay for some or all employees is taxable, then NVEXPORT should recognize the setting. For those who set holiday pay non-taxable the conversion would setup the employees up as non-taxable.

    Why create extra work for those users who have chosen to follow a dirrerent procedure and wish to continue with the same process.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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