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    I’m trying to close the books for year-end and have come across an unusual problem. There seems to be a ghost entry affecting the bank balance (which in turn is making the balance sheet not balance).

    When I view the bank account by closed items, it reconciles perfectly to the bank statement. Then when I view the open items, the balance forward is out by $938.19. If I “exclude” the Closed items balance and view the open items, the first open item is a cheque for $770.70, yet the running balance is ($938.19 – $770.70) $167.49. (The same holds true if I “include” the Closed items balance, but it is more obvious in the previous scenario.) The $938.19 is the same amount that the balance sheet is out by.

    I’ve searched for this entry and can’t find anything that matches — I’ve lost about a day working on this. I’m ready to give up!!!

    Is there a quick fix that will balance my books and not affect my true bank balance?

    I’ve done a one-sided General journal entry to correct this and it seems to work — I’m just not fond of one-sided entries and now my General Journal isn’t showing a “0” total.

    Mary Ann


    I just found a “bug” in the Bank Account ledger which may be part of the problem. It appears that this entry was corrupt when originally input. The book-keeper just left it there and started a new entry. It is an entry with a list of items in its details. I was trying to delete the incorrect entry and received the error message below.

    Is there anyway to fix this?

    Mary Ann

    .text {Encountered bug “314120040608103759” while running “c:/nv/nv20.exe” ( on computer “sandy”.}
    .help_id 314120050312171551
    /bb {
    .text {Error occurred in command:::qw::cpp::2 cpp_enter_event_loop}
    /b8 {
    .text {Error occurred in command:odb_commit {}}
    /b7 {
    .text {Could not commit /OBJECT/NEWVIEWS/SYSTEM/TRANSACTION/GENERAL/1185970193_66441.}
    /b6 {
    .text {Aborting database “e:/nv/tms” to maintain integrity.}
    /ad {
    .text {Could not insert a record in file “/odb/index/OBJECT/NEWVIEWS/ACCOUNT/GENERAL.postings.index/date/debit”.}
    /ac {
    .log {
    .type bug
    .date 20071104173142
    .nameofexecutable c:/nv/nv20.exe
    .hostname sandy
    .stack {}
    .bug_id 314120040608103759
    .text {Database e:/nv/tms encountered an existing record with key “string 1137426725_340 tag financial date 20070812000000 string /1185970193_66441.posting/debit.account”.}
    .priority bug
    .priority ignore


    Go to the workstation and printout the workstation table (Print > All and set the destination to display).

    Close NV2 down (ALT X) and then open windows explorer on your system and navigate to the C drive and double click on the NV folder. Right mouse click on the workstation folder and click rename. Rename the folder to old_workstation.

    Double click on your NV2 Workstation icon and let NV2 create a new workstation table for you. Once done, enter the rows from your Excel display into your new workstation and perform a default setup.

    You should be able to correct this entry problem now.

    Please do not post bug errors here. Send them to




    Hello Everyone, Happy New Year

    I also have a “Ghost Entry” $4.11

    I followed the directions to fix it but I ran into a problem at: “Double Click on your NV2 Workstation” etc…

    I have 5 Workstations icons showing

    4 – with long extensions and
    1 – with NV20

    Which one should I use?


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