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    We use NewViews ver 1.41 (DOS) as a reference for patient information from several years ago.

    We recently moved the program and data files to a new location (i.e. a different server). The program runs fine, but when we try to access any of the data (e.g. the ‘Books’ directory), the paths to these directories are no longer valid.

    Is there a easy way to change or reset thew data paths so we can access our patient information again?



    I assume you have mapped the shared folder where you data is stored

    From the nv menu select “books”
    When the new window opens hit the slash key “/”
    select “drive”
    you can now select the mapped drive where your data is stored

    You can use the “/” key to navigate the directory structure of the mapped drive to expand or contract the folders.


    Thank you for your prompt response. That’s exactly what we were looking for!


    After not using NewViews for several months, we are running into trouble accessing the data in the appropriate ‘Books.’

    When we press ‘/’ and then select ‘Drive,’ the program closes and we have to start over.

    This worked previously (several months ago), but is not working now for some unforeseen reason.

    Also, on certain screens (sorry, I don’t know which), we see a path for a ‘V’ drive (i.e. ‘V:’) but there is no mapped drive associated with ‘V.’

    Thank you!


    Use Windows Explorer to ensure you can access the V drive. If you can see the directories on the V drive with Explorer than NV will recognize it.


    We don’t have a ‘V’ drive mapped. We have another drive mapped to NewViews (‘Q’ I believe). This is the drive we want to make available from within NewViews but are not able to using the ‘/’ ‘drive’ commands.

    Thank you.


    Right mouse click on the My Computer Icon (or Network Places) and select Map Network. Select your Q drive and click the Browse button. Select the target drive and folder location. Make sure reconnect at logon is checked and click Finish.

    Once the drive is mapped in Windows, open NewViews and press the / key on Books.

    Regards to All,



    Thanks, Martin.

    Please forgive me but you lost me with your last instructions.

    The path to NewViews and the ‘Books’ folder is already mapped and has been assigned the letter’Q.’

    Do we need to press the ‘/’ key when we’re on a particular screen in NewViews? Otherwise, as I indicated, pressing the ‘/’ key exits the program instead of providing the desired results.

    Thank you for your patience.


    What Martin is saying, Press Enter at Books, then / D. Arrow to the Q drive and press Enter

    When you are at the Q drive, if the books are there, arrow to them and press Enter. If they are in another directory, arrow to the directory then press / E. When you find the books, press Enter.


    OK. We got it figured out.

    The problem is/was that most times when we press ‘/’ and then select ‘Drive,’ the program crashes/closes. For some reason it did not crash on one occasion, and so we were then able to select the appropriate mapped drive. As long as we don’t have to make any changes or reselect that mapped drive, we should be good.

    Thank you to everyone that assisted.

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