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    Has anyone been able to install nv2 on a windows 2000 system as stated in the FAG ?

    Will NV2 run under other operating systems, such as Mac O/S and Linux?
    The initial release of NV2 will be strictly for Windows. However, the architecture of NV2 is such that it can be ported to other platforms with minimal difficulty.

    What versions of Windows will it run on?
    Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional.

    I get a visual basic runtime error.
    I tried it on 3 computers with the same result, installed XP on one of these computers and it works .

    Thomas Thibodeau


    NV2 will run on any Windows NT platform greater than 4.1
    This includes Windows 2000 (any service pack), XP Home, XP professional (including Sp2), and Server 2003.

    The Unix / Linux version is in progress.

    We have nothing to do with Visual Basic. You probably have another program installed on the Windows 2000 systems that did not finish it’s install process properly and the Windows Registry is corrupt. There is absolutely no VB code in NewViews. Our system is coded in C++

    Could you provide more details on the runtime error?


    Sometimes my hands do not understand what my eyes see.
    The error is

    microsoft visual c++ runtime library error
    Program c:nv2.0.1.20050502-win32-ix86.exe
    abnormal program termination.

    I will try a new installation of windows 2000 pro tonight with only the drivers that comes on the windows disk

    The installation is from a windows 2000 pro upgrade cd and sp4 installed

    Thomas Thibodeau


    OK here is the result of the test

    computer p4 3.2e
    1.5 g mem
    MSI 865pe Neo2-v motherboard
    HIS 9550 ATI Radeon video 256MB DDR
    Segate 120G Hd

    Win XP Pro
    NV2 works ok except for a few bug errors

    Win 2000 Pro Ver 5.00.2195
    Re-formated Hd Installed win 2000 Pro
    No drivers except the ones on the windows disk
    Copied NV2 installation files
    Tried again to install same error
    I had created a backup of the NV2 dir and copied it back to the windows 2000 disk. I tries to run NV2 but all I get is a beep from the computer and a screen that flashs but I cannot see what it said. It flashs too fast.

    Thomas Thibodeau


    We have installed NV2 on dozens and dozens of Windows 2000 Pro machines.
    We know there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to install a program. We will give this top priority.

    Our first suggestion, please download the file again, directly from our web-site to the Windows 2000 system. Then install from the 56 Mb exe file.


    Downloaded again same problem

    Is there any other test that I can do to help identify this problem ?

    I can try to install on a computer that windows is not installed from the update disk at one of my customers as soon as I get over this FLU bug.

    Thanks to the QW Page team for the help.

    Thomas Thibodeau



    I believe we have found the problem, it’s a missing DLL file.
    Please search your system for a file: msvcp60.dll
    it should be in C:WinNTSystem32

    We have used a Microsoft C++ compiler, and are running on a Microsoft
    platform, you would think Microsoft would provide a “stable” environment.

    Following is a link to the file:

    If you copy this link into a browser it should prompt you to save the file, please save it to your C:WinNTSystem32 directory.

    After the above is complete, please reinstall NV2 from the downloaded file.

    Post Edited (05-05-05 18:33)


    Thanks Mr Peters

    Sucessfully installed on windows 2000 Pro.

    Thomas Thibodeau


    Error occured in “c:/nv/nv20.exe”
    could not start c:/nv/nv20.exe
    Invalid command namd” (fourdots in a square)registry”


    windows xp pro
    starting from start menu workstation




    1st, I’d suggest you start a new thread for this. Otherwise the post would probably be missed by most users here.

    But really you should call customer support – whatever it is could probably be resolved a lot faster in “real time”.

    Bob Halpin



    When you had installed NV2 you had chosen to install NV2 for a single user. Install NV2 again and choose the recommended button (All users).

    If the option to install for all users is grayed out then cancel the installation and then right mouse click on the NV2 installation file you had download and click Run As. Click the following user button and run as the administrator and type in the administrator password.




    I downloaded and tried to instal v. 2.04 and the program stopped responding. I downloaded the update and 2nd time and the same problem occcured. Is there a way to get the update installed?



    Did the program stop responding during the installation of v. 2.04 or after installing and running the program? We did not change how NV2 installs, if v. 2.03 installs, v. 2.04 should also.

    There is something different about WinXP in where it will seem as if the program is not responding but a quick look in your task manager will show it is in deed running. We see this often during the setup of the different windows in NV2.



    The task manager window in WinXp provides very strange information when NV2 runs. Whenever NV2 is on one of the “Long duration” activities, the task manager indicates that the program is “Not Responding”, however the CPU usage graph shows 98% to 100% CPU usage and eventually the task manager reports NV2 is running.

    My v. 204 in fact,did install. It left the “Installing nv2.exe” message on the screen so I had assumed that it was still beavering away at the task.

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