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    Hi: I am new to invoicing with newviews. I have setup my customers and added the desired information in the notes but when I print invoices it doesn’t carry any of the information from the notes forward to the invoice. However if I print a statment it carries the information forward. The only thing I noticed is that when I print the invoice I am printing it from a Journal and when I print a statment I am printing it directly from the customers account.

    As a second issue I have added notes to all of our inventory items but they do not get printed on the invoice either, just the short description field gets printed.

    Any advice on invoicing in NV would be appreciated.


    You say the invoices are entered at a journal. Did you set the journal as a Debit item? So when you enter the invoice at the distribution positive numbers go to the revenue codes.

    Then when you run TAXS to apply gst you select the AR code which is recorded as a negative on the journal (ie: plus $500 in Dist and Minus $500 to ar code)

    Then when you block the 2 lines(actually only need to block the plus amt) and run PRTINVS, it should print the invoice and pick up the address from the notes view of the ar.

    When you enter the inventory items sold in the distribution, what account code are you selecting? A revenue code or the inventory item?


    Type in the journal name in the procedure SETUPS in SalesInvoice Journal Name(s).




    Don’t forget that you also have to type @JOURNAL in the notes view of the journal that you are printing from.
    This will enable the template to collect the address and other information from the notes view of the cross account and print it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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