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    What’s New

    September 2014 Payroll Update
    Multi-port Server Setup
    Behavior Changes
    Problem/Bug Fixes
    September 2014 Payroll Update
    Ontario only, September 01, 2014 tax calculation update.

    Multi-port Server Setup

    Many NewViews users have asked about running multiple servers on the same physical computer. Prior to this release this was not possible (a port “collision” error was reported).

    A new command line argument, “-multi_port”, has been added for creating a server database. When this command line argument is specified at the time a new server database is being created, more windows are displayed and you have complete control over the ports used to offer databases to remote users.

    Also, a new script is available to convert an existing server database from “single-port” to “multi-port”. From a server window, execute the menu command Tools>Script Evaluate and select server_single_port_to_multi_port.qw_script. This script will reconfigure the server windows to expose port information that can be edited to change the default port from 7890 to, say, 7891 etc.

    Problems/Bugs Fixed by this Release

    The Tools>Transaction Create>Duplicate command introduced a problem.

    When duplicating a transaction whose transaction date is outside the user’s transaction edit date range option you are given the opportunity to generate transactions with empty dates instead. However this failed anyway with the error message that the date was outside the edit date range. This error occurred when duplicating some transactions and succeeded on others, depending on conditions beyond the scope of this change log. This bad behavior was introduced in the previous release,, and is corrected in this release.

    The Tools>Foreign Currency had a bug booting.

    A small change in version caused this command to crash NewViews and it is corrected in this release.

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