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    Has any one come across this situation and be able to set it up to work automatically

    This would have to be automatic on each payrun .

    5% deduction on earnings up to $40,000
    7.5% on earnings above $40,000

    If it was the reverse I would create 2 deduction accounts
    One acct deduct 5%
    The other 2.5% until it reached $1000

    The only way I see to do this would be to create 2 accounts

    One account deducting 7.5%
    One account crediting 2.5% to a max of $1000

    In NV1 this was easy. We could create npl script that would run automatically when it encountered a user defined deduction account.

    Could I also suggest that a new line be added to the paycode screen that would act on the limit (line 7) . The 3 options would be pay period, monthly and Yearly.

    Also the problem I am having with the deductions could be taken care of if we could use formulas in the percentage rate such as IF , < and >
    It could test for a true or false condition such as excel does.

    TEST , Value for true , Value for false
    if salary < 40000 ,5 , 7.5 Cheers


    Create your first deduction account at 5% and set the annual limit to the dollar value (40,000) and also set the percent base to the account suffixes of the earnings accounts that make up the ceiling amount.

    Once the amount 40,000 earnings has been reached the deduction account will stop deducting. You can then add the second deduction account at 7.5% – in the new calendar year you can set this second deduction to inactive.

    From the reverse, you could set up two deductions accounts at the same time and leave the annual limit blank in the paycode window for the 7.5% account and set the 2.5% deduction to 1000 on Annual Limit (line 7).

    Regards to All,


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