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    Is there some equivalent to the procedures we know and love in NV1 in NV2?

    The one I am worried about right now is IMPORT. Searching on IMPORT in the NV2 manual only reveals matters related to importing data from NV1, but what about importing data from non-NV sources? In NV1, this is easy and fast using the IMPORT procedure.

    While I’m on the topic of NV1 procedures, I can see that chgacct will be another concern. Like it or not, there are occasions when we need to rename an account or change the structure of our books. The NV1 procedure is slightly buggy (it drops budget data), but that was a small price to pay for the functionality.

    I recall that at an early stage of the daydreaming about a new version of NV I was asked what I’d like to see–I made a few comments, but one of them was that the suite of NV1 procedures is alone worth the price of the program, and care should be taken to ensure that all of the functionality represented by each procedure is retained into NV2. Of course, that doesn’t mean I expect to see RunProc with each entry, but if there was a way to IMPORT in NV1, there should be in NV2. And since it was called IMPORT in NV1, the search procedure in the manual should turn it up.


    –Jack Love


    We are working with varying import scenarious, excel, ascii, etc. We will be supplying more information on import in the future.

    The “chgacct” procedure is not required in NV2, simply go to the account under the accounttype in the main database explorer (not reports), on the blue account table in the name column, change the account name. In a few seconds the account will be changed to the new name.

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    How about the BLKCOPY & BLKPASTE?


    Try the menu commands Block -> Copy & Block -> Paste.

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