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    For those who have not looked into the procedures on the Productivity Disks (and there are six of them) I strongly suggest you do so. You can purchase the each for $49.00 or as a bundle (call for the price).

    Procedures I like (there are others not listed you may find useful):

    Disk 1:
    BOOKBAL – identifies accounts causing books to be out of balance.
    CHGACCT – rename an account (or change DR or CR) which has transactions (does not affect reconciled entries, but will zero out budgets)
    MOVELEDG – moves transactions from one account to another, again does not mess up reconciliations.
    Disk 2:
    TRBAL – prints a trial balance to keep uninformed accountants happy
    Disk 3:
    BANKREC – simplified Bank Reconciliation procedure
    Disk 4:
    None I found interesting
    Disk 5:
    TOTAUDIT – prints the Accounts and Amounts (total) which make up a Total Account. Again accountants love this one.
    EXPOPEN – I use this one just to Import Budgets entered in another set of books to the Live set.
    EXPALLTR – this allows you to enter transactions in a separate set of books and the transfer the entries into the Live set. You are not restriced to Journal Enties. It will find all the entries and when Imported in will enter the transactions as the were originally entered. ** A few restrictions, but I have several clients using this process and it’s almost as good as Multi-user (not really but it eliminated 90% of the complaints).
    SR – Search & Replace. It’s been useful at times.
    Disk 6:
    BOOKBAL – improved version of Disk 1 procedure


    PS: call QW Page for prices, and ask if they will send me a commission (He, He)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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